1 Day Building Resilience

En London (Inglaterra)

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    1 Day
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This course is designed for anyone that wants to explore ways in which to “bounce back” to build resilience in themselves of others

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

This 1 day event aims to provide an overview of ways and techniques to build resilience and develop a more positive approach to challenges and change.  It will enable all delegates to assess their personal resilience through completion of the MTQ48 questionnaire and to work on an action plan for further development.

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Open to those interested in resilience building

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08 febrero 2017
London, Inglaterra
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Performance Management
Stress Management
Problem Solving
Strategic Planning
Team Development
Business management
Executive skills
Leadership Styles
Managing Change
Coping Strategies
Building resilience
Conflicitng priorities
Workplace challenges
Business Development

Programa académico

Resilience and Adaptability – What is Resilience?  
Reviewing the  process of adaptability and resilience, understanding the implications of a sense of purpose, adaptability, self-confidence and having a support network for personal resilience.  
What Builds / Breaks Resilience.

Self-Perception - Victim or Hero?
Identifying your default narrative, crafting a narrative that builds resilience.
Circles of Concern, Influence and Control.  
Overcoming and growing from setbacks – understanding aspects of adversity which contribute to future success.  
Identifying key factors which enable us to learn from failure.

The Resilience Tool Kit – Strategies and tools to aid in building resilience
Developing resilience – how to access and build it in self and others, exploring the role of diet, emotional intelligence, goal-setting and self-confidence in building resilience.
Assertiveness techniques – practical tips to re-frame common preconceptions and empower individuals at work

How resilient are you? - Review of your The Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ48) report-  exploring change readiness and personal resilience.  
Action Planning

Información adicional

This course can also be delivered in house. Price to be confirmed.