5 Days Leading Change & Innovation

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The Leading Innovation & Change programme increases participants understanding of the key processes of innovation and change. It introduces strategies to overcome the challenges of introducing and sustaining change.

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Innovation and change are critical challenges in today’s workplace. Innovation and change can make the difference between success and failure. Most students of leadership and management are familiar with the much used case study of Nokia as an example of an industry leader, that failed to committed to change in a strategic decisive manner, as a result suffering cuts in market share etc. We are familiar with this, the challenge of leaders and managers in a range of sectors across the globe is the importance of keeping the balance between awareness of changes, pushing new ideas and innovation and the issues that arise as a result of challenging existing ways of working.

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HR professionals

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20 noviembre 2017
London, Inglaterra
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Change Management
Stakeholder Management
Performance Management
Strategic Planning
Team Development
Business management
Executive skills
Leadership Styles
Managing Change
Responses to change
Change transition
Change communication plan
Change planning
Change theory
Attitudes to change
Business Development

Programa académico

Day 1 – The innovation challenge
• What is innovation/change? Why is it important to organisations?  Theories of Change and innovation.  
• Evaluation of techniques to generate ideas for innovation.
• Involving team in generating innovative ideas.
• Establishing criteria for testing innovation/improvement ideas/assessing fitness for purpose.
• Benefits of innovation to an organisation;
• Assessing the value/risks of change and innovation.
• Tools and strategies to generate innovative responses to business problems and opportunities.
• Use different tools and strategies at different times to yield better result.
• Introduction to De Bono and Buzan – creative thinking techniques and application to own work situations.
• Apply different types of thinking for improved analysis and problem solving.

Day 2 - Becoming an Agent for Change
• Why change is important to a business/ Consequence of not changing.
• Exploring the stimulus for innovation and change management within an organization.
• The role of manager/internal and external stakeholders in change management.
• Change management models – Kotter/the change curve/lewin.

Day 3 – Psychology of Change and ResistanceManaging responses to change. •Psychology and motivation of change.
•Determining the impact of change.
•Supporting and preparing for impending changes.
•Managing others through changes in your workplace.
•Getting buy-in; dealing with resistance.
•Managing your organisation through difficult changes.

Day 4 – Change Implementation
• Change management implementation planning.
• Implementing Change.
• Developing a change management implementation plan, including contingency planning, assessing business risks, monitoring and evaluation procedures, roles and responsibility of team.

Day 5 – Business case for change and innovation
• Establishing a clear need for intervention - a case for change. 
• Setting clear objectives - what you want to achieve from the investment. 
• Considering a wide range of potential solutions - ensuring an optimal balance of benefits, cost and risk.
• Putting the arrangements in place to successfully deliver the proposal.

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This course can also be delivered in house. Price to be confirmed.