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Move over Flash. Enter the world of Adobe Edge Animate. CGT's online training course is ideal for those requiring the skills to create web animation and interactive web content suitable for displaying and working reliably on mobile devices and running on modern browsers.

Let CGT help you to develop the skills you need to create interactive and animated web content using Edge Animate.

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Requisitos: Course prerequisites: Basic knowledge of systems - Mac or Windows. Understand how to launch an application and save files. For web courses you will need to have knowledge of web browsers. Relevant software installed on your computer (Mac or PC), a telephone or Skype connection and to download a small free piece of software for screen sharing.

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Web animation
Graphic design for the web
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Delivering great graphics across multiple platforms and devices is an increasing challenge and creating content that works reliably on mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems, as well as modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer is essential. Enter Edge Animate – a web motion and interaction tool that uses web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript instead of the proprietary Flash file format.

CGT's new online Adobe Edge Animate course will get you up-to-speed with one of Adobe's newest technologies.

Learn how to :
  • Use an intuitive interface that's based on WebKit, so your compositions have fidelity across modern browsers.
  • Design engaging content with an assortment of styling options and integration with font services like Adobe Typekit.
  • Add motion to graphics and HTML using the powerful timeline editor.
  • Edit property-based keyframes and enhanced easing equations for precise animation control.

The fourth in a series of online courses, CGT's Adobe Edge Animate course is aimed at those businesses, organisations and the third sector, who want to take advantage of the benefits of one to one bespoke training but cannot necessarily afford for their staff to be out of the office or tied up with on site training for days at a time.

Ideal for those who require to master specific aspects of the software because this is a bespoke one2one online course with your own dedicated tutor and you can choose what topics you want to learn and how many hours tuition you wish to purchase - be this a starter of just 2 hours (minimum) all the way up to the full 1 day online course. A course outline is available upon request.

Unlike other online courses you get a dedicated industry experienced tutor who is watching your every move!

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Unlike most software training companies and higher education establishments, CGT training courses are designed and run by industry experts, who use the programs they teach on a day to day basis in their workplace.

CGT specializes in providing multi-media training across a range of software applications on both Apple Macs (the original designers tool) and Windows, whilst at the same time providing a marketing and design consultancy which combines not only traditional marketing, with the web-based e-marketing and in particular search engine optimization but also print, conference and photographic expertise. So all our tutors are industy experts who can pass on hints and tips gained through years of experience.