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This online course is suitable for those already working with Adobe InDesign and want to take their skills to the next level by creating interactive and mobile friendly documents, magazines etc that can be viewed across a wide range of platforms.

The online version is ideal as you get to choose exactly how much you want to learn and when, in hourly chunks, so is especially suited to those who cannot afford to take a whole day or more off work to attend a classroom based course.

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Requisitos: Course prerequisites: • Basic knowledge of systems - Mac or Windows. • Understand how to launch an application and save files. • For web courses you will need to have knowledge of web browsers. • You are required to be an existing user of InDesign or have taken our InDesign 2-day Introduction course. • Relevant software installed on your computer (Mac or PC), a telephone or Skype connection and to download a small free piece of software for screen sharing.

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Digital Marketing
Document digitalisation
Adobe InDesign
Document design
Digital documents
Adobe training

Programa académico

A new online course during which you will learn how to use the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite DPS to build a Single Edition magazine app to deliver innovative reading experiences, dynamic content, and high-impact advertising on leading tablet devices such as iPad, Android and Kindle Fire that get consumers more deeply engaged with your content and your brand.

The main topics covered during the full version of this online course include:
  •     Design and layout mobile documents
  •     Specify mobile device digital page orientations
  •     Specify the safe area of design for mobile device documents
  •     Describe how interactive overlays float above the digital page
  •     Create hyperlinks to different articles within the folio, online resources, or email addresses
  •     Create a multi-state objects and specify mobile device controls and functions for viewer interaction
  •     Create Folios and create articles and incorporate them into folios
  •     Manage articles in both Folio Builder Panel within Adobe InDesign and via Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard DPS Folio Producer tools
  •     Preview folios and articles via the Adobe Content Viewer
  •     Know what credentials, files, icons, splash screens, subscription, entitlement resources needed to publish a viewer app
  •     Create single folio viewer apps
The third in a series of online courses, CGT's Adobe InDesign Interactive course is aimed at those businesses, organisations and the third sector, who want to take advantage of the benefits of one to one bespoke training but cannot necessarily afford for their staff to be out of the office or tied up with on site training for days at a time.

Ideal for those who require to master specific aspects of the software because this is a bespoke one2one online course with your own dedicated tutor and you can choose what topics you want to learn and how many hours tuition you wish to purchase - be this a starter of just 2 hours (minimum) all the way up to the full 2 day online course.

Unlike other online courses you get a dedicated industry experienced tutor who is watching your every move!

A detailed course outline is available on request.

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It takes training and practice to master computer applications and professional software skills is often an area of training that is either ignored or underrated but could actually save you money!

By knowing the shortcuts, learning the quickest way to tackle different types of work, you can make a real difference in productivity and save yourself or your company hours!

Unlike most software training companies and higher education establishments, CGT training courses are designed and run by industry experts, who use the programs they teach on a day to day basis in their workplace.