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This course is taught by the world antiques touring expert, Toma Clark Haines (known as The Antiques Diva) and Angela Somwaiya (South East Asian Antiques Expert and Antiques Diva Asia Guide) on understanding and sourcing South East Asian Antiques either for your own collection or for interior design.

Your lesson videos are filmed on location in on of the most highly regarded Antiques haunts in Bangkok, Paul's Antiques - and through talking to Angela in our MyAntiqueSchool classroom you’ll discover some of the best kept secret sources of antiques in South East Asia. You’ll be given insight into specific aspects to look for when collecting Asian Antiques, either for beauty, authenticity or resale value.

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Programa académico

1.    1  Sourcing South East Asian antiques 

Furniture, statues (wooden and bronze), wood carvings, architectural salvage, farming tools and implements, baskets, textiles, ceramics, lacquerware, manuscripts, jewelry, musical instruments, signage, lighting, paintings, photography.

2.    2  Historical and cultural influences 

Major civilizations and kingdoms, influence of religion and folk beliefs, literary traditions and, environment Materials and techniques, different usage of traditional raw materials.

3.    3  Iconography and symbolism

South East Asia has a fantastic heritage of spiritual, mystic, and meaningful symbols and icons. We explore some of the most popular and their meanings.

4.    4  Pricing 

Finally, Toma and Angela will coach you in understanding how to manoeuvre through pricing for East Asian Antiques. This will include when to barter, how to assess value, and considerations for resale.