Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

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This course aims to enhance your understanding of the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem services and the benefits the ecosystem provides. You will examine the scientific principles relating to the provision of ecosystem of services, their linkage with ecosystem function and the relationships with biodiversity.
The course helps you to understand the distribution of beneficiaries; different approaches to valuation; potential links with the green economy, and how the production of ecosystem services can be measured and mapped. Key ecosystem services that will be considered include provisioning services such as food and water; regulating services, such as flood & disease control; cultural services, such as spiritual, recreational, and cultural benefits; and supporting services, such as nutrient cycling.

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Fern Barrow, Talbot Campus, BH12 5BB, Dorset, Inglaterra

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Course details You will develop a critical understanding of the role of biodiversity and ecosystems in supporting human livelihoods and their contribution to sustainable development. The concept of ecosystem services has developed rapidly in the last decade and is now being widely incorporated into policy, as well as being the focus of a major international research effort. The aim will be to expose you to current thinking in this rapidly developing field, with particular focus on those areas of current controversy and debate. Throughout the duration of this course, these topics will be covered: Introduction - Global biodiversity Extinction crisis Ecosystem collapse Biodiversity & ecosystem function Ecosystem services Valuing nature Scenarios of future change Sustainable use and protected areas Ecological restoration Linking with the green economy. Academic assessment (optional) In addition to the short course itself you have the option of undertaking further study and completing an academic assessment (an additional fee applies). On successful completion of this assessment you will gain 20 academic credits at postgraduate level (Level 7). If you choose to take the academic assessment option for this course, it will take roughly four months to complete (from your enrolment through to the submission deadline for your assessment). There is an additional fee of £200 for the Master's level assessment.