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This course is aimed at those who wish to study Business, have employment experience and who are keen to further their education, primarily as a means to career advancement.

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103 Borough Road, SE1 0AA, London, Inglaterra
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Business Studies

Programa académico


Methods of assessment for course overall: 75% coursework

Most of the modules in year one are assessed by coursework only, except Introduction to Quantitative Literacy and Business Law. In year two there is a combination of coursework assignments and exams.

Year 1
  • Business systems: An introductory management perspective
    The module covers information systems and technology and their importance in the business world.
  • Business economics and environment
    This module introduces you to the economic and social foundations of business.
  • Marketing
    The module provides a foundation in marketing upon which you can build a more specialised understanding through further study
  • Business communications
    This first semester module aims to develop your oral and written communication skills as they relate to business studies.
  • Quantitative literacy
    The module examines a range of ways of handling, analysing and presenting numerical information.
  • Organisational behaviour and professional practice
    The module seeks to develop your understanding of the behaviour of people in organisations and the significance of organisational processes.

Plus one of the following options:

  • English in finance
    This module aims to enhance your awareness and competence in the use of English language in the study and practice of finance in the UK and global context
  • Business law
    The module provides the opportunity to study the general principles of English Business Law that has a major impact in the business environment.
Year 2
  • Business skills
    This module is concerned with developing the critical, interpersonal and organisational skills needed by a manager, or aspiring manager, to function effectively in the internal and external organisational environment.
  • Business in its social context
    Through a selection of relevant case-studies the module will examine key issues and debates concerning the relationship between business and its impact on wider society.
  • Advertising and promotion
    The aim of this unit is to build upon the basic marketing knowledge and competencies gained in Marketing. You'll set up and plan a publicity campaign. 
  • Human resource management
    The unit is an introduction to the context, theory and practice of human resource management.
  • Management accounting and decision-making
    The aim of this module is to develop your understanding of the major practical management accounting techniques and the interrelationship between computer-based information systems, management accounting and decision-making.
  • Research methods for business and management
    The aim of the module is to prepare you to undertake business or management focused research project.
  • English in international business
    You'll develop  awareness and competence in the use of English language in the context of international business. 

Plus one of the following options:

  • Retailing
    This unit has been designed to cover all the aspects of modern retailing practice, which is then extended and linked to retail operations management and retailing services. 
  • Developing human resources
    This module is designed for learners who wish to specialise in Human Resource Management/Development and is structured around the area of managing human resources, which involves employee development and the management of learning.
  • Management information; a Managerial focus
    You'll gain an understanding of the management issues associated with the use of information and communication technologies in business and develop a broad understanding of current issues in the use of information systems in business.