Careers with Animals

Holly and Hugo
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This course is ideal for anyone with an aptitude for animals who wishes to turn their dreams into reality. It will help you discover where your strengths and talents lie, and then brainstorm jobs that match your capabilities. Now is your chance to put into action a career working with animals!

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By taking this course you will:

Learn how to discover opportunities that hadn’t previously occurred to you
Have realistic expectations about what working with animals involves
Know how to research a particular job, plus the skills and qualifications needed
Make your application or business standout from the crowd to give you a head start on the competition
Know how to apply to vet school
Understand the value of experience and how to get it at little cost or even get paid!

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Programa académico

All you need to know so that you can discover, research, and apply for your ideal job working with animals.

MODULE 1: Brainstorming and Research
1.1 Why Work with Animals?
1.2 Pros and Cons
1.3 Decide on Your Strengths
1.4 Reality Check
1.5 Where to Find Jobs
1.6 Researching the Job
1.7 Comparative Salaries

MODULE 2: Gaining Experience
2.1 Personal Experience
2.2 Unpaid Experience
2.3 Broadening Your Education
2.4 Volunteering Abroad
2.5 Internships

MODULE 3: Portfolios, CV, and Application
3.1 Introduction
3.2 An Inspirational Portfolio
3.3 Writing a Killer CV
3.4 Creating an Awesome Application Letter

MODULE 4: Applying to Vet School
4.1 The Path to Vet School
4.2 Planning your Finance
4.3 Interviews and Experience
4.4 Veterinary Careers and Specializations

MODULE 5: Health-related Careers
5.1 Animal-assisted Therapist
5.2 Animal Behaviorist
5.3 Animal Chiropractor
5.4 Animal Geneticist
5.5 Animal Health Inspector
5.6 Artificial Insemination Officer
5.7 Nutritionist
5.8 Physiotherapist
5.9 Practice manager
5.10 Receptionist
5.11 Vet Tech (US) Vet Nurse (UK)
5.12 Vet Tech specializations
5.13 VSA

MODULE 6: Pet-related Careers
6.1 Animal Control Officer
6.2 Animal Cruelty Officer (ASPCA, RSPCA)
6.3 Animal Photographer
6.4 Detection Dog Handler
6.5 Dog Breeder
6.6 Dog Trainer
6.7 Doggy Daycare Owner
6.8 Dog Walker
6.9 Drug Company Rep
6.10 Groomer
6.11 Kennel Attendant/Manager
6.12 Pet Adoption Counsellor
6.13 Pet Food Salesperson
6.14 Pet Sitter
6.15 Pet Writer
6.16 Police Dog Handler
6.17 Service Dog Trainer

MODULE 7: Animal-related Careers
7.1 Animal Behaviorist
7.2 Aqua Culturist
7.3 Dairy Herdsmen
7.4 Ecologist
7.5 Equine Dentist
7.6 Exercise Rider
7.7 Farrier
7.8 Foaling Attendant
7.9 Fish and Game Warden
7.10 Groom
7.11 Herpetologist
7.12 Horse Identifier
7.13 Horse Pedigree Analyst
7.14 Jockey
7.15 Marine Biologist
7.16 Marine Mammal Trainer
7.17 Mounted Police Officer
7.18 Primatologist
7.19 Racing Steward, Starter, Outrider, Licensing Clerk
7.20 Ranch Manager
7.21 Reptile Breeder Wildlife Biologist or Zoologist Wildlife Rehabilitator Zoo Keeper, Habitat Designer, Educator