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The terms coding and programming are thrown about quite frequently in the computer world, but most people don’t really understand what the words mean. In fact, most are coding and programming illiterates and even the ones that can offer up a believable definition, don’t go much further than that in their knowledge base. Our Coding for Beginners class is an excellent introduction to the world of programming and its significance to the modern day computer user. Those who enroll in the class will garner a slew of useful information to include:

Answers to common coding questions, what it is and how it’s used
Javascript and CSS styling basics
Instruction on proper usage of objects, arrays, strings, forms and events
Techniques to become a better programmer

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t’s simple really, the world is becoming more and more automated. Businesses are relying quite heavily on their website’s traffic margin. Online searches and sales are skyrocketing daily. It is garishly obvious that computer technology is not only here to stay but is on the upsweep of the career market. Individuals who have at least a basic grasp on coding and programming will be highly sought after in that marketplace, as it will be apparent that they are people on the cutting edge of modern technology. The Coding for Beginners class will give you a significant foot in the door advantage over your peers. Through this course you will learn:
An intensive amount of information about operators and the arithmetic and bitwise that goes along with them
How to convert strings to numbers and the reverse
The properties of, and defining methods for, objects
How to assign text values and use pseudo code

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Javascript training

Programa académico

Module 1: Meet Javascript
What is Coding?
What are the Coding Languages?
Meet Javascript
Why Use Javascript?
What you can’t do with Javascript

Module 2: The Basics to Javascript
Your First Script!
Whitespace and Line Breaks
Upper and Lower Cases
Data Types
Variable Scope

Module 3: Operators
What is an Operator?
Different Types of Operators
If Else Statements
For Loop
While Loop
Do-While Loop

Module 4: Arrays
What is An Array?
Properties of Arrays
Methods for Arrays
Create an Array
Size an Array
Show Array Element Values

Module 5: Strings
What is a String?
String Length
Join Strings
Change String to Array
Extract Substring
Convert Number to a String and vice versa

Module 6: Objects
What are Objects?
Properties of Objects
User Defined Objects
Defining Methods for an Object

Module 7: Events
What is an Event?
Event Types
HTML 4 Standard Events

Module 8: Forms
Basics of Forms
Access Attributes of Forms
Assign Text Value

Module 9: CSS
What is CSS?
Basics of Styling
Box Model
Classes ID’s and Selectors

Module 10: Techniques to Become a Better Programmer
Use Comments to Clarify
Tips on Readable Code
Pseudo Code
What’s Next?