From Cook to Caterer: Be Your Own Boss in the Kitchen

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  • Curso
  • Online
  • 190 horas de estudio
  • Duración:
    60 Days
  • Campus virtual
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If you’ve considered a career in the food and restaurant industry but would prefer to call the shots, then starting your own catering business may be the perfect fit! In this course, you’ll get the training you need to transition from home cook to professional caterer and business owner – now that’s a real recipe for success!

Información importante
¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

We won’t be teaching you how to cook; we’ll show you how to use your existing knowledge to make the transition from home cook to professional chef. We’ll start with the basics of food and beverage service, and cover everything from service procedures to food handling, serving sizes, nutritional considerations, understanding ingredients, and getting familiar with your product.

Not only will we cover the basics – different types of alcohol, the legal considerations of alcohol service, how to pair alcohol to your meal, etc. but we’ll also teach you advanced cocktail-making techniques, flair bartending, and how to create your own delicious concoctions.

We’ll start from scratch and show you how to do all the prep work – market research and analysis, registering your business, how to manage your budgets and cash flow, and how to create a viable business plan. Then you’ll be ready to launch your business and start generating leads and clients.

We’ll show you how to create a marketing plan, how to build a unique brand, how to build an online presence with your own website and using social media, how to advertise and promote yourself using various medias, and how to create the perfect sales pitch to clients. We'll teach you smart and effective marketing techniques so you can keep your focus on what you do best - making delicious food for your clients.

We’ll be going over pricing strategies. We’ll teach you to understand the relationship between product and price, how to research the existing market and forecast demand, how to determine your own rates based on costs, hours, and skill, and how to make adjustments down the road.

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Social Media
Client Management
Client prospecting

Programa académico

Course modules:

  1. Foodservice management
  2. Catering
  3. Nutrition
  4. Beverage management
  5. Product development
  6. History of cocktails
  7. Introduction to liquor
  8. Introduction to cocktails
  9. Preparing the bar
  10. Interacting with the customer
  11. Flair bartending
  12. Pouring technique
  13. Mixology
  14. Popular cocktails around the globe
  15. Pairing cocktails with food or events
  16. Preparation-before you start your business
  17. Introduction to marketing
  18. Setting up your business
  19. Running your business
  20. Business plan
  21. Launching your business
  22. Marketing
  23. Your marketing plan
  24. Low cost marketing techniques
  25. Developing your brand
  26. Your website
  27. Social media and online marketing
  28. Public relations & advertising
  29. Sales
  30. Considerations to Make When Pricing a Product
  31. Pricing your Product
  32. Pricing your Service
  33. Making Pricing Adjustments
  34. Continuing Practices for Price