Corporate Risk Management

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"To gain a broad understanding of corporate risks and how they should be managed in either a private or public sector organisation
To identify how strategic and operational managers can ensure their organisation has identified its key assets and the threats and risks those assets may face
To gain an understanding of the tools and techniques available for effective corporate risk management
To develop plans to protect key people, financial and operational assets
To build effective risk management into corporate and operational business plans
To develop the ability to effectively protect your organisation’s key assets"

Información importante
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• Experienced managers with a reliance on the company’s key market, financial and operational assets to achieve their business objectives or those managers who are identified as having the potential to achieve such senior/middle management positions in the near future
• Operational managers who wish to gain a greater understanding of corporate risk management as a key element of their business and operational planning cycle


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Inicio Ubicación
20 febrero 2017
19 junio 2017
16 octubre 2017
3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA, London, Inglaterra
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Risk Analysis
Risk Management
Cash Flow
Crisis Management
IT risk
Financial Training
Corporate Communications
Perational Business Plan

Programa académico

Strategic Context

· Putting corporate risk management into context and exploring what can go wrong

· Exploring recent case studies to understand what has gone wrong and how they affected the companies/organisations involved

· Establishing corporate risk in the company or organisation's planning cycle

·Understanding your key corporate assets

Threat and Risk Analysis

· Analysing your organisation to get the necessary understanding of where threats and risks may lie

· Protecting your company data and systems

· Protecting key personnel

· Looking at the potential for disaster, accident and emergency

· Setting risks and threats into context using Impact and Probability tools

Financial, Market and Credit Risks

· Understanding the terminology and tools available

· Understanding the 'value' of your organisation and its assets

· Credit risk

·Cash flow and debt risks and how to manage them 

Practical Risk Management

· Building risk management plans into your organisation's corporate and operational business plan

· Exploring risks in major project and change management

· Risk allocation and effective reporting mechanisms

· Crisis management planning

The Organisational and Personal 'appetite' for Risk

· Taking a realistic evaluation of the organisation's 'appetite'  for risk

· Looking at risks and benefits

· Effective stakeholder management and corporate communications

· Personal risk-management planning