2310b Developing Microsoft Asp.Net Web Applications Using Visual Studio .Net

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Objetivo del curso: This course will teach Microsoft® Visual Basic® programmers and beginning Web developers the fundamentals of Web application site implementation by using Microsoft ASP.NET

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Blvd Agua Caliente, 10470-3b, 22420, Baja California, México
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Visual Studio

Programa académico

Lesson 1: Overview of the Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Introduction to the .NET Framework

  • Overview of ASP.NET

  • Overview of the Lab Application

  • Resources

Lesson 2: Using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

  • Overview of Visual Studio .NET

  • Creating an ASP.NET Web Application Project

Lesson 3: Using Microsoft .NET-Based Languages

  • Overview of the .NET-Based Languages

  • Comparison of the .NET-Based Languages

  • Creating a Component Using Visual Studio .NET

Lesson 4: Creating a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Form

  • Creating Web Forms

  • Using Server Controls

Lesson 5: Adding Code to a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Form

  • Using Code-Behind Pages

  • Adding Event Procedures to Web Server Controls

  • Using Page Events

Lesson 6: Tracing in Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications

  • Understanding Tracing

  • Remote Debugging

Lesson 7: Validating User Input

  • Overview of User Input Validation

  • Using Validation Controls

  • Page Validation

Lesson 8: Creating User Controls

  • Adding User Controls to an ASP.NET Web Form

  • Creating User Controls

Lesson 9: Accessing Relational Data Using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

  • Overview of ADO.NET

  • Creating a Connection to the Database

  • Displaying a DataSet in a List-Bound Control

Lesson 10: Accessing Data with Microsoft ADO.NET

  • Introduction to Using ADO.NET

  • Connecting to a Database

  • Accessing Data with DataSets

  • Using Multiple Tables

  • Accessing Data with DataReaders

Lesson 11: Calling Stored Procedures with Microsoft ADO.NET

  • Overview of Stored Procedures

  • Calling Stored Procedures

Lesson 12: Reading and Writing XML Data

  • Overview of XML Architecture in ASP.NET

  • XML and the DataSet Object

  • Working with XML Data

  • Using the XML Web Server Control

Lesson 13: Consuming and Creating XML Web Services

  • Overview of Using XML Web Service

  • Calling an XML Web Service by HTTP

  • Using a Proxy to Call an XML Web Service

  • Creating an XML Web Service

Lesson 14: Managing State

  • State management

  • Application and Session Variables

  • Cookies and Cookieless Sessions

Lesson 15: Configuring, Optimizing, and Deploying a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application

  • Using the Cache Object

  • Using ASP.NET Output Caching

  • Configuring an ASP.NET Web Application

  • Deploying an ASP.NET Web Application

Lesson 16: Securing a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application

  • Web Application Security Overview

  • Working with Windows-Based Authentication

  • Working with Forms-Based Authentication

  • Overview of Microsoft Passport Authentication

Lesson 17: Review

  • Review of Material Covered

  • Introduction to the Game

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