A+ Certification - Core Hardware

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Objetivo del curso: Designed for the student who has a basic knowledge and experience with PCs and who wants to pursue a career as a computer service technician.

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Blvd Agua Caliente, 10470-3b, 22420, Baja California, México
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Programa académico

Lesson 1: Introduction to Microcomputers

  • A Brief History of Computers

  • Number Systems

  • Microcomputer System Components and Their Functions

  • Software and Firmware

  • Tools of the Trade

Lesson 2: Safety

  • Basics of Electricity and Electronics

  • General Safety Guidelines

  • Fire Safety

  • Computer Equipment Disposal

Lesson 3: System Components

  • Power Supplies


  • Central Processing Units

  • System Boards

  • Memory

Lesson 4: Bus Architectures

  • What is a Bus?

  • The 8-bit bus

  • The ISA Bus

  • The EISA Bus

  • Micro Channel Architecture Bus

  • The PCI Bus

  • Plug and Play

  • Video Circuitry Buses

Lesson 5: Ports, Connectors, and Cables

  • Overview of Input/Output Ports

  • PS/2 Ports

  • Serial Ports

  • Parallel Ports

  • Universal Serial Bus Ports

  • FireWire Ports

Lesson 6: Expansion Boards

  • Drive Controllers

  • Video Cards

  • Sound Cards

  • Modem Cards

Lesson 7: Storage Systems

  • Fixed Disk Drives

  • Removable Media Disk Drives

  • Backup Systems

Lesson 8: Peripheral Devices

  • Primary Input Devices

  • Primary Output Devices

  • Other Input/Output Devices

Lesson 9: Portable Computing

  • Components of Portable Systems

  • PC Cards

  • Power Management

Lesson 10: Networking

  • Network Concepts

  • Introduction to the OSI Model

  • Network Connectivity

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