BEC Vantage Cambridge - Preparation

ESBL- European School of Business & Language
En Barcelona (España)

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  • Barcelona (España)
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Objetivo del curso: BEC Vantage assesses how candidates can conduct and take part in meetings and teleconferences using skills of negotiation to put across a point of view. It is essential to improve the ability of drafting letters, memos, minutes of meetings and topics for presentation using appropriate business vocabulary and format. Destinatarios del curso: BEC, Business English Certificate, is an international examination designed by the University of Cambridge ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages), to assess Business English skills. It is a qualification that is valid for life and can be added to your resume. BEC Vantage examination is a useful qualification for people who need to use English as a foreign language for the purposes of international business and who are already in business-orientated work or preparing to follow such a car

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Arago Nº 9, 4 Planta, 08015, Badajoz, España
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Intermediate English language level.

Programa académico

General Objectives: · Job descriptions (types of companies, use of question forms) · Presentations (proposals, budgets, results) · Describing graphs: trends and results (use of simple past and present perfect, adjectives and adverbs) · Discussing advertising strategy (use of future forms expressing degrees of likelihood) · Sales: reporting performance of sales team (use of passive voice) · Recruitment and training (connectors of contrast and addition, question patterns at job interviewing) · Communication at work (use of countable and uncountable nouns) · Negotiating (use of I and II conditional) · Customer service (use of III conditional, perfect modals) · Business writing (emails, reports, memos, application letters)

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