Business Plan (Plan De Negocio)

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Objetivo del curso: The participants in the course will be shown how to: a) Clearly define what their business idea is and identify what are the basic requirements to implement it. b) Write a business plan that includes all of the necessary elements for the plan to be taken into account by investors and decision makers. c) Present the business plan in a way that will increase the likelihood of it being successful. Destinatarios del curso: This course is intended for people who, in the future, will be trying to start up an entirely new business or start up a new business line within the framework of an established business. In both cases, a business plan is needed since it describes what you want to do, how you want to do it, who you want to sell or which is your market and how you want to finance it.

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Programa académico

Module 1 – Before Writing the Business Plan.

1. What is the purpose of a business plan?.
2. Developing the business Idea(s).
3. Is the Idea Feasible?
4. What will you need to get started?
5. What is your strategy?
6. Who is the target of the Business Plan, who will finance it?

Module 2 - Preparing a Business Plan.

Part 1 – Introduction and Market Analysis.

1. Introduction and Executive Summary.
2. Industry and Sector Analysis.
3. Market Analysis.
4. Marketing Plan.
5. Management Structure.
6. Marketing Plan.

Part 2 – The Company.

1. Company Structure.
2. Operations.
3. Company Structure.
4. Operations.
3. Product or Service Design.
4. Finances.

Module 3 - Presenting the Business Plan.

1. Presenting the Plan With Confidence.
2. A sample Business Plan.

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