Oracle 9i: Advanced Pl/Sql

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Objetivo del curso: In this course, students learn how to use the advanced features of PL/SQL in order to design and tune PL/SQL to interface with the database and other applications in the most efficient manner.

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Blvd Agua Caliente, 10470-3b, 22420, Baja California, México
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Programa académico

  • Using Function Optimization Hints Effectively

  • Writing Programs with Purity Features

  • Determining and Using the Invoker Rights Model

  • Using Autonomous Transactions

  • Creating Standards for Error Handling and Constants

  • Creating Wrappers to Protect the Intellectual Property of a Vendor

  • Writing Code to Interface with External C Applications and the Operating System

  • Executing Java Routines from PL/SQL

  • Understanding Objects in Programming

  • Writing Code to Interface with Nested Tables and VARRAYs

  • Creating PL/SQL Applications that Use Oracle Objects

  • Tuning PL/SQL Code Effectively to Maximize Performance

  • Accessing and Setting Session Level Settings Programmatically

  • Sending E-mail Programmatically

  • Defining, Writing, and Running a PL/SQL Server Page

  • Describing the Features of Fine-Grained Access Control

  • Showing How Fine-Grained Access Control Works

  • Implementing Fine-Grained Access Control

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