Executive Assistant

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Are you thinking about pursuing a career as an executive assistant?
Whether you are looking for a career change or looking to start your first career, our intensive course will give you all the knowledge and insight you need to be the executive assistant that manager’s dream of.

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This course, which is great for beginners and veterans alike, will walk you through everything you need to know to be a great executive assistant, including:

How to get your career started
What administrative skills you will need
How to communicate properly and why it is important
How to act professionally as an executive assistant
How to organize yourself and manage your time properly
Proper etiquette when managing your boss
There is endless room for growth in this exciting career, and many executive assistants are able to use their job to springboard into a higher position within their company.

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Minute Taking
Telephone Skills
Listening Skills
Communication Skills
Time management
Executive Assistant
Interpersonal Communication
Brand Values

Programa académico

Module 1 – Interpersonal and communication skills

Telephone manner
Listening skills
Attention to detail
Respect, friendliness and boundaries

Module 2 – Time-management and organization

Extra work
Managing your time

Module 3 – You as a representation of your boss and your company

Reflecting brand values
Working toward company objectives

Module 4 – Common tasks

Diary management
Letter writing
Arranging appointments and meetings
Administrative duties

Module 5 – Meetings

Welcoming visitors
Note taking and dictation
Closing and follow ups