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    60 Days
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Are you looking to discover new passions? Everyone has a story to tell, and writing is a rewarding activity that can translate into a fulfilling career. Unleash your creativity and give your imagination the tools it needs to translate great thoughts into compelling written work. Perhaps you'd like to know more about wine? Discover what makes a good wine, and how to choose and pair wines with expert discernment. If you've always wanted to explore the magic and mystery of the night sky, learn about constellations, galaxies, planets, black holes, and more. You'll never be bored again!

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With this course, you will learn:
- how to use your ideas to produce great writing for stage and screen
- delve into the history of the universe, woven into the blueprint of the stars, planets and other cosmic bodies
- learn about how wine is made, the grape varieties, what contributes to its nuances and qualities and how best to store it.

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Story Writing
Writing Skills
Wine bottling and storage
Wine tasting

Programa académico

Course modules:

  1. Inspiring yourself
  2. Starting to write
  3. How to write a screenplay
  4. Writing for the stage
  5. Creating characters
  6. Story development
  7. Find your voice
  8. Developing your setting
  9. Unique structures
  10. Tricks to avoid writer's block
  11. Grape varieties
  12. Winemaking
  13. Wine varieties
  14. Why are there so many wine varieties?
  15. Wine regions
  16. Wine tasting process
  17. What to look for in your wine
  18. Wine pairings: wine & food
  19. How to serve wine
  20. Proper wine storage
  21. The night sky
  22. The moon and planets
  23. Meteors, comets, and asteroids
  24. The stars and zodiac
  25. A greater understanding of the universe