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£ 499 - ($ 13,467) £ 49 - ($ 1,322)
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  • Curso
  • Online
  • 130 horas de estudio
  • Duración:
    45 Days
  • Campus virtual
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Being successful in the fashion industry goes beyond having great personal style and being design-savvy – you have to know how to apply your passion and knowledge. Whether you aspire to be a successful stylist, personal shopper, merchandiser, or fashion blogger, we’ll build on your love of fashion by teaching you practical, marketable skills that you can translate into a fulfilling career doing what you love.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

We’ll turn you into a real style guru by teaching you how to assess body shapes and recommend appropriate proportions, how to use colour to enhance a client’s natural skin and hair tones, how to advise on personal grooming, skin and hair care, how to develop your client’s personal style, and how to make tactful recommendations.

We’ll also give you a crash course in retail fashion, so you can understand the customer decision process, consumer motivations, selling strategies, how to build relationships, and how to overcome challenges.

We’ll teach you how to revamp a closet by identifying basics and statement pieces, learning function vs. style, how to dress for specific occasions, and how to keep a client’s closet organized to ensure they can easily follow your expert advice.
We’ll show you just why blogging is so important, how to get your blog up and running, teach you to create unique and compelling content, how to network, to transition your blog into a brand, and how you can make money from your blog.

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Fashion Styling
Fashion Stylist
Fashion trends

Programa académico

Course modules
  1. Profession of a Personal Shopper
  2. Planning Advice
  3. Fashion and Trends
  4. Communication and Protocol
  5. Career Guidance
  6. Understand consumer behaviour and excel in customer service
  7. Make your shop a magnet to customers
  8. Blogging 101
  9. Starting Out & Setting Up
  10. Content Creation
  11. Photography & Imagery
  12. Staying Social
  13. Networking & Events
  14. Working with Brands
  15. Monetising your Blog
  16. Building a Brand
  17. Growing as a Blogger
  18. The Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Roundup
  19. The Ideal Closet
  20. Rebuilding Your Closet
  21. Organization
  22. Size Matters
  23. Budgeting