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Joanna is one of the UK's leading gemologist and independent fine jewellery specialist with over 30 years experience including De Beers and Sotheby’s. Joanna is a regular on the Antiques Roadshow.

On this course with Joanna you will learn about the history of jewellery and an understanding of how the world of jewellery works – and most likely with some secret excitement about your next purchase. Joanna will empower you to feel confident about making your own decisions and choices. You will understand more of the complex relations between humans and jewellery that has evolved over the centuries.This select course books up well in advance and is booking now for November 2016. It is best to reserve places now whether you're buying for yourself or a gift.

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1.    1  Popularity and Investment 

What makes some jewellery command high prices? We look at examples of some of the greatest sales in history

2.    2  The Secrets of Choosing Jewellery 

How to understand your own motives and style. We learn how to gain confidence and some of the secrets of the trade in how to choose jewellery that's right for you

3.    3  The History of Jewellery 

Since the beginning of time, jewellery has represented power, religion, fashion and fidelity. We explore the significance of our relationship with jewellery.

4.    4  Trends 

Coloured gems have become fashionable in the last few decades. We look at what drives trends and what are the latest trends for 2016/17