International Film Business

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  • Short course
  • Bournemouth (Inglaterra)
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    2 Days
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The aim of this Build your own MA (BYOMA) short course is to provide you with an intensive introduction to the business of independent film development, production and exploitation in the international marketplace.
It is centred around a detailed analysis and understanding of the film value chain. Emphasis will be placed on UK, European and American Independent film models, in contrast to the US major studio model.

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Fern Barrow, Talbot Campus, BH12 5BB, Dorset, Inglaterra

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Course details Integral to our courses is the belief that people improve their professional practice by taking time out to reflect on and reassess what they currently do in the workplace and by sharing their real-life experiences with the other like-minded professionals. As a result each course is unique and geared to the experiences of the individuals that are participating, which may result in the course content altering slightly from course to course. This short course will examine topics such as: Introduction to film economics and the film business The film value chain; film screenplay development and talent management, film production finance and packaging, film distribution and cinema exhibition, catalogue value and the long tail The effect of vertical integration on the film value chain The effect of changes to the film value chain as a result of new technologies The future of film distribution: old libraries and new media The film development process, with reference to small group culture, motivation Theory, and the theories of managing creativity The relationship between writers, producers and directors The international sales market and film business strategy.