B.A. History and Italian

University of Manchester
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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Manchester (Inglaterra)

BA (Hons) History and Italian Gives students the opportunity to experience teaching from across 2 broad areas of the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures bringing together expertise across a wide range of Subject Areas. Students can choose from a wide range of courses, from Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Economic and Social History, as well as in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. Students develop detailed knowledge of both the language and culture of Italy from the medieval period to the present day. The range of culture units offered across all years of the programme combine the study of the history, politics, literary, linguistic and visual culture of the peninsula and are taught by a range of specialists within these fields.

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Requisitos: English Language Requirements IELTS Take IELTS test 6.5 CAE score 193(Grade B) TOEFL iBT® test (read more) 90 IMPORTANT NOTE: The UK government confirmed new requirements for secure English language testing for visa and immigration purposes. Learn more


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01 septiembre 2016
Oxford Road, M13 9PL, Greater Manchester, Inglaterra
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Social History

Programa académico

Course Content
  • History in Practice
  • Language, Culture and Society
  • From Reconstruction to Reagan: American History, 1877-1988
  • Constructing Archaic Greek History
  • From Republic to Empire: Introduction to Roman History, Society & Culture 218-31BC
  • Origins of British Industrialisation: British Economic and Social History, 1700-1914
  • From Middle Kingdom to Economic Superpower: The Making of Modern China, 1800-2000
  • Forging a New World: Europe c.1450-1750
  • State, Nation and Nationalism, c.1750-c.1920
  • Globalisation in Historical Perspective
  • History Long Essay
  • Greek Art and The City State
  • From Jamestown to James Brown: African-American History and Culture
  • Material Worlds: objects, architecture, landscape
  • Career Management Skills Stream 1
  • The Conquering Hero: The Life, Times and Legacy of Alexander The Great
  • The Roman Empire 31BC - AD235: Rome's Golden Age
  • Politics and Society in Classical Greece
  • Egypt in the Graeco-Roman World
  • The Making of the Modern Mind: European Thought from the Enlightenment to the First World War
  • Italian Language (Level 3)
  • American Slavery: Society and Culture in the Slave South
  • Cities of Dreadful Delight: Gender, Race and Sexuality in the Americas 1800-Present
  • The Emergence of Civilisation: Palaces, Peak Sanctuaries and Politics in Minoan Crete
  • Empire, War & Diplomacy in Classical Greece
  • The Roman Army and the North-West Frontiers
  • Slavery in the Ancient Greek World
  • The World of Rome: Society and Culture 100BC - AD300
  • Culture and Society in Germany 1871-1918
  • London and Modernity 1880-1960