BA Arabic

SOAS, University of London
En City of London (Inglaterra)

£ 9,000 - ($ 228,384)
IVA inc.

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • City of london (Inglaterra)
  • Duración:
    4 Years

In the first year the programme's major component is the intensive study of Modern Standard Arabic; the student is free to choose as the year's minor component a second course on Arabic culture, Middle Eastern literature or Islam.

The second year continues the study of Modern Standard Arabic and, at the same time introduces the student to classical Arabic and modern Arabic literature. An appropriate fourth course is chosen from the list of approved optional courses.

The third year of the course is spent at an Arab university or Language Institute in the Middle East, where students study the colloquial language as well as Modern Standard Arabic, and write an extended essay in Arabic. View the prize winning essays (with English abstract) written by students during the academic year 2014 15.

In the final year study of language and literature is continued at the advanced level. In addition, the freedom to select two other appropriate units from the list of options gives students the opportunity of specializing in a field of particular interest.

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As a graduate who specialised in the Arabic, you will have gained competency in language skills and intercultural awareness and understanding. Familiarity with the region will have been developed through a combination of the study of language, literature, history, cinema, politics, economics or law. Graduates leave SOAS not only with linguistic and cultural expertise, but also with a portfolio of widely transferable skills which employers seek in many professional and management careers, both in business and in the public sector. These include: written and oral communication skills; attention to detail; analytical and problem solving skills; and the ability to research, amass and order information from a variety of sources.

Requisitos: Languages at SOAS are taught ab initio, and no prior knowledge of Arabic is required.


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Inicio Ubicación
30 septiembre 2016
City of London
London, Inglaterra
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Arabic studies
hadith Studies
Islamic Texts

Programa académico

Year 1 1. Core Module Must be passed with an overall mark of 50 to proceed to the following year of study. Module Code Unit value Term Availability Arabic 1 155900896 3 Unit Full Year Introduction to Arabic Culture 155901205 1 Unit Full Year Literatures of the Near and Middle East 155900991 1 Unit Full Year H130 Introduction to the History of the Near and Middle East 154800230 1 Unit Full Year Year 2 1.Core Module Module Code Unit value Term Availability Arabic 2 155900897 1 Unit Full Year 2. Compulsory Module Module Code Unit value Term Availability Introduction to Arabic Literature 155905004 1 Unit Full Year 3. Compulsory Module Choose from the following modules Module Code Unit value Term Availability Introduction to Early IslamicTexts 155901115 1 Unit Full Year Introduction to Arabic Dialects 155901396 1 Unit Full Year 4. Option Unit A further module from the list below or modules to the value of one unit from the Arabic related options at approved level OR an open option Module Code Unit value Term Availability The Muslim World: Unity in Diversity 155901258 1 Unit Full Year Introduction to Sufism 155901375 1 Unit Full Year Year 3 Please click the "Teaching & Learning" tab above for more information on the Arabic Year Abroad. Year 4 1. Core Module Module Code Unit value Term Availability Arabic 4 155900899 1 Unit Full Year

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