BA English

SOAS, University of London
En City of London (Inglaterra)

£ 9,000 - ($ 237,326)
IVA inc.

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • City of london (Inglaterra)
  • Duración:
    3 Years

Studying English at SOAS offers an exciting approach that brings new voices and a global discipline to our specialist institution. Building on existing strengths and expertise in literatures, languages and linguistics from around the world, English at SOAS also looks to its own location and literary heritage in the heart of Bloomsbury. From our position in the ‘North’ and particularly London, we are interested in the ways in which English in all its variations as a field of literary study has long been in dialogue with its neighbours in the northern hemisphere and across the Global South. Our vision is an interrogative one cutting edge, deeply committed to interdisciplinary research and teaching across the humanities, and engaged with metropolitan, cosmopolitan and island histories. English at SOAS is truly international and the first degree of its kind in the UK.

Our teaching
You will
study literatures in English from around the globe

learn how Shakespeare's plays have influenced the world

analyse how English has been shaped and adapted by different cultures

You will also gain all the benefits you would expect from a high quality English degree taught with a global dimension in a university at the forefront of international and multicultural studies.

The School is also pleased to introduce its new BA Global Liberal Arts.

The programme allows you to immerse yourself in a variety of disciplines ranging from politics, development and history to languages, literature and film. You’ll study a wide range of courses from the humanities, social sciences, and area studies, ensuring you are equipped with a broad range of skills for the future, whether that be in further study, or as part of the career path you choose to take.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

A degree in English at SOAS provides you with excellent training for careers in media, journalism, publishing, creative writing, education, arts and cultural organisations, and the civil service. Graduates will also find employment in international charity, NGOs and social enterprise areas.

Requisitos: Subjects Preferred: English Language or English Literature A level or IB equivalent is required


Dónde se imparte y en qué fechas

Inicio Ubicación
30 septiembre 2016
City of London
London, Inglaterra
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Communication Training
IT Development
Intercultural communication
Global Shakespeare
World Englishes
Development Communication

Programa académico

The programme consists of compulsory modules on key thematic concerns but with the flexibility to choose courses on either language, linguistics, literature or a combination of them. Students will also be able to combine English with an Asian or African language and/or region and take courses on cinema, development, migration, diaspora, etc. Year 1 Compulsory Units Students must take all compulsory courses in order to proceed to the next year English in the Global World 152900111 (1 Unit) Global Shakespeare 152900110 (1 Unit) Ways of Reading: Introduction to Critical Theory 152900109 (1 Unit) Optional Unit Select either a language unit OR a unit from List A OR an open option at an introductory level to the value of one unit Year 2 Core Course The Novel and its others 152900108 (1 Unit) Second and third units Any courses to the value of 2 units from: Intercultural communication and interaction 152900107 (0.5 Unit) Issues in World Englishes 152900101 (1 Unit) Fictions of History 155901013 (1 Unit) Courses in List B Fourth unit Courses to the value of 1 unit from: Intercultural communication and interaction 152900107 (0.5 Unit) Issues in World Englishes 152900101 (1 Unit) Fictions of History 155901013 (1 Unit) Courses in List B, C or D Open options, including language options Year 3 Compulsory Unit BA Dissertation in English 152900105 (1.0 Unit) Optional Units Select two units from the following AND/OR from List B: Empire and the Postcolonial: Race, Genders, Sexualities 152900104 (0.5 Unit) Southern Spaces 152900102 (0.5 Unit) Term 2 A special author 152900103 (0.5 Unit) Psychology of multilingualism: social and cognitive aspects 152900106 (0.5 Unit) Term 1 Development Communication 151010044 (0.5 Unit) Term 2 Optional Unit Select another unit, at the appropriate level, from the list above OR a unit from List B, List C or List D OR a language option OR an open option

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