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SOAS, University of London
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  • Bachelor's degree
  • City of london (Inglaterra)
  • Duración:
    4 Years

In recent years Korean studies has developed into a viable and multi faceted scholarly discipline. SOAS is committed to ensuring that, as the major centre for African and Asian studies in the UK, it provides an environment in which the full range of Korean studies can be consolidated and encouraged to expand further.

Degree Profile
The single subject Korean degree is designed to provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of Korea and Korean culture by combining instruction in language, literature, and history. At the completion of their studies, students should have a strong command of both spoken and written forms of Korean. In addition to thorough training in the language, the degree aims to impart to its students knowledge of pre modern traditions and the tools with which to interpret modern Korean society.

The degree offers a wide range of modules that include language modules (including mixed script Korean, composition, conversation, and translation), literature, pre modern history, and modern culture and society. Students also have access to other Korea related modules offered in other departments including art history and music.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

As a graduate who specialised in Korean, you will have gained competency in language skills and intercultural awareness and understanding. Familiarity with the region will have been developed through a study of language in combination with literature, development studies, economics, geography, history, history of art and archaeology, law, linguistics, music, politics, social anthropology or religion.

Requisitos: No prior knowledge of the language or the region is required.


Dónde se imparte y en qué fechas

Inicio Ubicación
15 octubre 2016
City of London
London, Inglaterra
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Study of Language Learning
Post war Japanese society
Korean Culture
Korean language
Korean Studies
Elementary Korean
Contemporary Korea
Korean Conversation

Programa académico

In the first year, students concentrate on language study complemented by introductory modules on Korean history and culture. They are required to spend their second year at Korea University or Sogang University in Seoul, where they focus on intensive language training which is essential to any further study of the subject. The third and fourth years are devoted to applying and furthering their language skills through modules that involve reading and analysing advanced texts and literary works, through which they gain a deeper understanding of Korean culture and society. Single subject students need to take a minimum of 12 units in Korean. Year 1: Single subject students normally 3 units of Korean modules (2 languages units and 1 unit in modern culture and society), 1 unit from the approved list and/or 1 open option (i.e. a module in a subject or language other than those named in the student's chosen degree title). Year 2: This is a compulsory year abroad at Korea University or Sogang University in Seoul. (BA Chinese/Japanese and Korean students spend their year abroad in China and Japan respectively, not in Korea.) Year 3: Single subject students choose at least 2 units or Korean language modules from the approved list. The remaining unit(s) are made up fro, other modules available on the BA Korean syllabus and/or 1 open option unit.. Year 4: Single subject students choose take the Independent Study Project (ISP) in Korean Language and Culture (1 Unit) and choose at least 1 unit of Korean language use module from the approved list. The remaining unit(s) are made up from other modules available on the BA Korean syllabus and/or 1 open option unit.

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