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    4 Years

The Politics degree at SOAS is structured around four core subdisciplines, namely political theory, political sociology, political economy, and international relations. Students receive a thorough training in the theories and methods of these sub disciplines, which are then applied to the analysis of real world political situations.

By studying Politics at SOAS, students will gain detailed knowledge and a thorough understanding of some of the most important power shifts and conflicts of ideas unfolding in the world today. They will also learn to critically engage with and explore the relevance of social science concepts for understanding contemporary geopolitics, regional politics of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, as well as the ability to undertake analyses and comparisons of political developments in specific countries.

Teaching in the Department of Politics and International Studies combines an introduction to the discipline of politics as a comparative exercise together with awareness that comparisons must always respect the individuality of each country and population. This awareness is complemented by the work carried out in other departments of SOAS. A Politics degree at SOAS therefore gives our students a better opportunity than most to understand global politics since our courses cover the politics of three quarters of the globe. BA Politics may be taken as a single subject or two subject degree. A sampling of the courses we offer include Government and Politics of Asia, of China, of the Middle East, and of Africa, International Politics, Islam and Democracy, Politics of Development, Globalization and Global Governance, and Politics of Culture.

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15 octubre 2016
City of London
London, Inglaterra
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International Relations
Political Theory
IT Development
Comparative Politics
Government Politics
Political Sociology
Political analysis
Politics of Gender
Political Theory
political sociology
Politics of development
Politics of Culture
Turkish Politics
Islam and Democracy

Programa académico

This information describes the Politics component of a two subject degree. Students taking Joint Honours with a language that involves three course units are required to take Introduction to Comparative Politics in their first year. These students are required to take Introduction to Political Theory OR Introduction to Political Analysis subsequently. Students may take a minimum of FIVE courses in Politics to qualify for a joint degree. Students may take no more than TWO course units as 'open options'. Year One Module Code Unit value Term Availability Introduction to Comparative Politics 153400079 1 Unit Full Year AND EITHER Module Code Unit value Term Availability Introduction to Political Analysis 153400086 1 Unit Full Year OR Module Code Unit value Term Availability Introduction to Political Theory 153400001 1 Unit Full Year Year Two ONE of the following DISCIPLINARY units: Module Code Unit value Term Availability Comparative political sociology of Asia and Africa 153400067 1 Unit Full Year Political theory 153400054 1 Unit Full Year Politics of development 153400042 1 Unit Full Year AND ONE of the following REGIONAL units: Module Code Unit value Term Availability Government and politics of China 153400071 1 Unit Full Year Government and politics of South Asia 153400020 1 Unit Full Year Government and politics of the Middle East 153400060 1 Unit Full Year Southeast Asian government and politics 153400022 1 Unit Full Year The state and politics in Africa 153400064 1 Unit Full Year Taiwan's Politics and International Relations 153400072 1 Unit Full Year Year Three ONE to THREE units from the following: The following units are available ONLY to FINAL year students, please see prerequisites Module Code Unit value Term Availability Nationalism, ethnicity and state in Asia and Africa 153400057 0.5 Unit Term 2 Islam and Democracy 153400065 1 Unit Full Year Politics of Culture 153400075 0.5 Unit Term 1 Politics of Gender 153400074 0.5 Unit Term 2 Issues in Turkish Politics 15 340 0076 0.5 Unit Not Running 2016/17 Independent study project in Politics 153400053 1 Unit Full Year Politics, Economy, Society: Japan 153402001 0.5 Unit Term 1 Extended essay in Politics 153400058 0.5 Unit Term 1 Extended essay in Politics b 153400061 0.5 Unit Term 2

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