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This PowerPoint course will teach students to create attractive and dynamic PowerPoint presentations. By the end of the course, students will be able to create complete slideshows that include text, graphics and video. The course begins with the basics of creating and editing slides. Students will then progress to making those slides visually appealing with themes and colors. In the following two

Modules, students will learn how to create and insert charts and infographics, and how to include audio and video that can be played directly from the slideshow. The course ends with final review, adding notes and creating printable handouts, and saving the slideshow appropriately.

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Learn to add and edit text, images and shapes to begin building the content of your presentation. Then, take your creation and make it shine with visually pleasing themes, backgrounds and fonts. Increase the appeal of your presentation even further by adding snappy transitions and animations to your slides.

Learn to add links to relevant websites, and create charts and other infographics for your business presentations.Then add interesting audio clips or relevant clips of video that play right from your slide.

Learn to use review tools to assure the presentation is accurate and easy to read. Create notes and handouts and show your audience that you’ve come prepared to wow them. Assure you’ve saved the final presentation and any associated media in the right file format.

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Microsoft Powerpoint
Ms PowerPoint
Microsoft Powerpoint

Programa académico

Module 1: Introduction to PowerPoint
opening a new file
editing a slide
adding a new text area
formatting text
creating a list
adding a shape
adding and formatting an image
adding a new slide
saving the slideshow
how to play the slideshow

Module 2: Slides with style
selecting and changing a slideshow theme
changing a color scheme
selecting a font scheme
selecting a background style
slide transitions

Module 3: Links, charts and infographics
how to create and use a hyperlink
how to create and insert a chart
how to create and insert SmartArt infographics

Module 4: Embedding audio and video
inserting and playing an audio clip
insertingand playing a video clip from your computer
inserting and playing a video clip from the Internet

Module 5: Finalizing the presentation
checking spelling
reviewing for visibility and legibility
adding notes
printing handouts
restricting editing
saving the file in different formats