Mobile Photography

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Take professional quality pictures with your mobile!
Did you know that hundreds of thousands of people around the world, if not millions, are taking professional-level photos with nothing but their phones?

Just a few years ago, cellphone cameras were blurry, and pretty much good for nothing, but that’s all changed. Smartphone and iPhone cameras are highly advanced and can take stunning pictures that rival the pros with all their equipment.

With a wide assortment of apps, equipment, and communities to make your photos amazing and get them out there, there has never been a better time to get into mobile photography.

If taking gorgeous, artistic photos with nothing but your phone sounds attractive to you, this course is the perfect foundation for you to learn how to do that.

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Learn how to take pics like the pros with this comprehensive training. You’ll develop a firm understanding of:

Everything you’ll need to get started
The apps that totally revolutionize the photography experience
The accessories you can use to optimize your photography
Specific photography skills you can use to capture that perfect shot
How to edit your pictures for maximum dramatic effect
How to share, and even sell, your pictures

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Photo Editing
Photography Basics
Photography Equipment
Photography Lighting
Mobile Photography
Mobile Apps for Photography
Photo Publishing

Programa académico

Module 1: Getting started

Using your phone to take professional-level pictures
Recommended phones
Camera modes on iPhone

Module 2: Gadgets and accessories

Selfie sticks and remote control devices
3D attachments
Additional lenses
Portable printers
Mounts and casing

Module 3: Apps and programs

Organization, device transfer and backup apps
Optimum shooting time apps
Camera apps
Printing apps
Selling and model release apps
Community and sharing apps

Module 4: Photography skills

Night time photos

Module 5: Editing and sharing

Editing apps
How to edit
Instagram and social media
Getting your photos noticed