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Our online Party Planner course is specifically designed to help you turn your skills and ideas into a successful business planning parties. Clients are desperately searching for organized and creative people like you to help them plan the party of their lives. Our course will give you extensive instruction in:

Starting a business
Effective party planning
Getting and maintaining clients
Working with vendors and suppliers
Operating a successful business
Creative party ideas
Whether you are looking to start your first career, or looking to change to a new career, our online Party Planning course will help you get started with your new and exciting career making people happy.

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Find all you need to know to get your foot into this ever-growing company:

• Developing Business Model
• Generating Client Base
• Planning Parties
• Operating your Business
• Working with Vendors and Suppliers
• Maintaining your Brand

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Programa académico

Module 1 : Getting Started
What is the Role of a Party Planner?
The Basics of Planning a Party
How to Get Started
Elements of a Great Party

Module 2 : Types of Parties - Overview
Beauty Parties
Kids’ Parties
Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
Birthday Parties
Cocktail Parties
Other Parties

Module 3 : Developing a Business Model
Figuring out Your Specialty
Developing a Mission Statement
Identifying Your Target Client Base
Setting Your Business Apart

Module 4 : Generating a Client Base
Targeting the Appropriate Clients
Advertising Effectively
Web Development
Using Social Media
Using Current Clients to Get New Clients

Module 5 : How to Plan a Party
Working with the Client
Figuring out a Budget
Meeting the Client’s Needs
Being Creative
Selecting the Right Venue and Location
Getting Feedback and Asking for Online Reviews

Module 6 : Making Your Party Memorable
Creating a Great Theme and Following It
Deciding on the Appropriate Tone of the Party
Wowing the Guests
Food, Drinks, and Music
Honouring Your Client’s Wishes

Module 7 : Business Operations
Starting Your Business from Scratch
Finance Recordkeeping
Understand Cost
Deciding If You Need an Office/Storefront
Making a Profit

Module 8 : Networking
Working with Clients and Prospective Clients
Building Diverse Contacts
Maintaining Contacts
Acting Professionally
Using Contacts Appropriately and Effectively
Maintaining Your Reputation

Module 9 : Working with Vendors and Suppliers
Finding the Right Suppliers and Vendors for Your Business
Negotiating with Vendors and Suppliers
Building a Business Relationship
Using Your Suppliers and Vendors Effectively

Module 10 : Maintaining Your Brand
Why is Reputation so Important?
Sticking to Your Mission Statement
Customer Service and Relations
The Importance of Communication
How a Happy Client Helps Your Business

Module 11 : Finding Success in Business
Expanding Your Business
Investing in Your Business
Using Success to Create More Success
Hiring and Managing Employees
Managing a Larger and/or Busier Company