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This is a course that teaches normal people like you the skills and knowledge to truly understand how money works. We show you the path towards financial freedom.

This online personal finance course covers all of the following topics:
Understand Your Money
Budgeting, Savings, Reducing Expenses
Grow Your Income
Understanding Credit Cards
Loans, Debt, Debt Reduction
Investing 101
Real Estate, Mortgages, and Other Big Ticket Purchases
Retirement Basics
Early Retirement Plan & Financial Freedom
Love & Money
Youth & Money
Psychology & Money

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By the end of this course, you’ll have a better grasp of your own finances. You’ll know the next steps towards financial freedom. You’ll know how to save more, spend less, and invest smarter. You’ll be less stressed and happier. That’s our goal. Take the first step to financial success with this amazing personal finance course.

Requisitos: Anybody can apply.


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Finance Economics
Finance Market
Finance strategy
Investment strategies
Financial Freedom
Finance Calculations
Monthly Budgeting
Personal Savings

Programa académico

Personal Finance Calculations 10:43
  • Personal Finace Introduction FREE
  • Calculating Your Net Worth FREE
  • Calculating Your Real Hourly Wage FREE
  • Expenses for Life Energy FREE
  • Calculating a Monthly Budgeting FREE

Saving for Retirement 18:26
  • Paying Off Debt
  • Build an Emergency Fund
  • Personal Savings
  • 401K Basics
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Strategies
  • Advice on Financial Advisors
  • Questions About Investing

Building Credit to Buy a Home 18:05
  • FICO Score
  • Starting Credit
  • Increasing Credit Score
  • Owning vs. Renting
  • Types of Mortages

Personal Finance Guides for Beginners 08:35
  • Advice to Teenagers
  • Guide to Buying a Car