Postnatal Diet & Exercise

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Growing a baby and giving birth is probably the most important, most life changing and most challenging experience there is in life. You’ve just been through this epic event congratulations!

Maybe your world has been turned upside down, maybe you’re helplessly in love with your newborn and can’t think straight or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed. At the back of your mind is the nagging thought that you want to get your body back to normal.

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Diet is a huge and essential part of your health and wellbeing and vital to get right after you give birth. Shaping up is greatly accelerated when you choose foods that give you a helping hand. We guide you on:

what to include in your diet and what to avoid
the practical, helpful tips that help you shape your diet into a wholesome one
developing habits that you keep long term
effective ways to deal with cravings for ‘bad’ foods
natural ingredients to include that boost a sluggish metabolism
Fit, strong and content

We understand many new Moms can feel down and even depressed. Life with a new baby can be overwhelming. Your C section tummy means you take longer to recover. It can also feel disheartening when you’re surrounded with media images of perfectly groomed celebrities that you compare yourself to. Listen up sister!

Feel understood and reassured with grounded, sensible advice for ‘the blues’.
Get the inside track on how you can appreciate real life and look great.
Read tips on improving your sleep.
Gain wisdom from experienced Moms who’ve been there and thrived!
The most exciting time in your life doesn’t always feel elating. Behind closed doors, we know what real life can throw at you and we’re here for you. Treat yourself to some sound advice today and get yourself back to tip top form and fitness soon

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Diet and nutrition

Programa académico

Module 1: Well done Mom!
Realise what you’ve achieved
Why is post birth exercise important?
Reasons to be gentle
Understand internal muscles

Module 2: Walk before you run
Before you start
Pace yourself
Exercises to avoid
Caring for a C section tummy

Module 3: Regain a strong foundation
5 best stretches for new Moms
Sneaky exercises while baby naps
If this happens, stop or slow down!
Posture and back pain

Module 4: Let’s get working!
Uterine muscle
Pelvic floor muscles
Tone your tummy
General toning

Module 5: Mom friendly exercise
Mom & baby exercise
Low impact aerobics
Post natal exercise classes

Module 6: I want my beauty back!
Stretch marks
Scar tissue
Regain clear, glowing skin
Restore lustrous hair and strong nails

Module 7: Sensible post birth eating
When should I start?
Helpful regime tips
Pitfalls to avoid
Helpful supplements

Module 8: Shaping up for good
Losing extra weight gain
Gaining lost pounds
Losing weight action plan
Pack your diet with these

Module 9: Diet makeover
Tackling the enemies – sugar, bad carbs, bad fats
Beware of weight loss supplements
Can I diet while breastfeeding?

Module 10: Time for you Baby blues and post natal depression
Sleep. Oh, for a good one
Resuming sex

Module 11: Thinking of another? Or not?
Preparing for a second baby
Avoiding another pregnancy
Experienced Moms top tips