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It's all too easy to have a garden full of wonderful plants that feels more like a restless collection than a well thought out design. Discover how to create a garden with a sense of year-round unity and well-being. Learn to select plants for their visual, aesthetic and structural properties, how to assess your site conditions, and the process of creating a planting plan on paper. Explore different styles of garden such as naturalist, minimalist and cottage garden, and get tips on things to consider if you’re setting up in business

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Having completed the course you will understand the theory behind selecting and using plants for their visual qualities so that you can create planting schemes that have lasting structure, and offer both unity and contrast of form, texture and colour. You will understand the importance of selecting the right plants for the right place and how to create an effective planting plan that communicates your planting ideas effectively.
Remember, if you're a self-employed professional you can set these courses off against tax as 'Continued Professional Development'.


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Design Principles
Plant Selection
Planting Plan
Planting Styles
Mediterranean Style
Cottage Garden
Planting Design

Programa académico

Each lesson starts with a video from your expert tutor, which you can watch whenever you like. When you’re ready, you can practice what you’ve learned with an assignment which unlocks the next lesson.

1.   1  Form, Texture & Habit  ~30 mins 2 hours

Learn how the size, shape and surface of leaves influences our perception of plants.

2.   2  Colour and Design Principles  ~30 mins 2 hours

Understand how colours influence the mood of a garden and how we perceive the dimensions of a space.

3.   3  The Role of Plants in The Planting Scheme  ~30 mins 2 hours

Explore the role of structural planting and focal point plants in a planting scheme.

4.   4  Seasonal Colour & Excitement  ~30 mins 2 hours

Consider the different techniques for utilising seasonal colour and excitement, from seasonal bedding plants to the more naturalist meadow style.

5.   5  Considering Plant Selection  ~30 mins 2 hours

Explore all the factors that will determine the success of your planting scheme, and how to garden ecologically.

6.   6  Drawing Up the Planting Plan  ~30 mins 2 hours

Learn how to create a three-dimensional planting plan.

7.   7  Planting Styles  ~30 mins 2 hours

Assess the different ways that plants can be used to create a particular style or theme, such as cottage garden, modern or Mediterranean style planting.

8.   8  Plant Schedule  ~30 mins 2 hours

Understand how to prepare a plant schedule, and why you need to consider suppliers, maintenance, and your neighbours.


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Take your time, or do it all at once, it’s up to you
Want to do this when the kids have gone to sleep? That’s fine. Or prefer to do it all in one weekend, that’s fine too. As soon as you’ve started your course you will have access to your first lesson. Each lesson has one video and an optional assignment. As soon as you’ve submitted your first assignment that unlocks the next video. But don’t worry if life gets in the way, and you don’t get a chance to finish your assignment, we’ll always release your next video after a week so you can still get access to the expert advice. Each video of around 30 minutes long and assignments tend to take about 1-2 hours