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London South Bank University Department of Education
En London (Inglaterra)

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Teachers and other professionals working in schools develop their understanding of key issues in education and their continuing professional development (CPD).

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103 Borough Road, SE1 0AA, London, Inglaterra
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Core modules
  • Teaching and learning
    This module will focus on the implications of developments in teaching and learning and changing beliefs about curriculum and assessment -within the school and its local and national context - which have accompanied them. A central aim is that discussion, planning and development, both within the school and across related common modules, will be both encouraged and informed by a shared critical understanding of such changes in practice. Furthermore, this activity will take place within an agreed framework designed specifically to provide the support that participants need. 
  • Researching education
    In this module you will reflect on the purpose of educational research and deepen the understanding of what we mean by knowledge. Also in this module you'll question the ways of producing knowledge and learn to critically evaluate published research. You'll practice formulating researchable questions and identifying appropriate methodologies to answer those questions. You'll also learn how to plan, implement and evaluate educational intervention. You'll write a research design for the Dissertation project.
  • Dissertation
Optional modules
  • Equality and Achievement
    This module focuses on problematic definitions and teachers' understandings of the words in a rapidly changing political climate. You'll explore issues of equality (and inequality), broadly in relation to social class, 'race' and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, disability and inclusion, as well as linguistic diversity. You'll also explore current debates as well as some of the historical antecedents. The context of the module is the UK, with comparisons where appropriate, and awareness of local influences as well as attitudes of and priorities for the young people, their parents/carers, and communities are reflected in the Module. 
  • Language and Literacy across the Curriculum
    In this module you will focus on aspects of language use across the curriculum central to pupils' cognitive and social development, including consideration of pupils' writing, reading and speaking/listening. Exploration of the relationship between language, class, gender, culture, ethnicity and learning will underpin the whole module. You'll be encouraged to consider these theoretical frameworks in the context of your specific school and to identify potential areas for practical exploration at department/whole-school level. 
  • Leadership and Management
    In this module you will critically examines the challenges of school leadership in the urban context. You will explore conceptions of leadership and considers the implications for participants working at different levels within your institution. Within the module a central aim is to examine theoretical conceptions of educational leadership situated in the political contexts within which we work. 
  • School Effectiveness and School Improvement 
    In this module you'll critically examine the contemporary interest in the claims of the School Effectiveness and School Improvement discourses and their influence on practice. A shared critical understanding of these influences on practice will inform discussion, development and planning within areas of the work of the school. 
  • Implementing Change in the School: Theories, Perspective, And Analysis 
  • Framework Module – this is a module negotiated with the school and tutors
    You'll understand how to ensure that your research and development activity is rooted in teachers' professional practice and so be of value to the young people you work with, and to your school. This module provides you and your school with opportunities to research and develop your own educational practice, policy, and research skills through looking outwards, but in ways that can be specifically tailored to address your needs.


You'll be assessed by essays, portfolios of school-based work, critiques of research, action research studies, formal presentations, seminar presentations and annotated bibliographies.