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Speech & Language Specialist work with a wide range of clients to help develop and restore their communication needs. From individuals with dyslexia or down syndrome, to stroke victims who have lost the ability to speak, to someone who has acquired a traumatic brain injury that affects how their brain sends signals to their speech mechanisms, the needs of a speech pathologist are vast. Speech & Language Specialist work diligently to provide the best, most appropriate, and realistic outcomes for those struggling with communication disorders. This course is designed for individuals who have an interest in exploring how literacy and language interact in the body and mind, as well as how various diagnoses and disorders can affect one’s ability to retrieve language and communicate, be it in writing, speaking, or even motor abilities.

Speech pathologists work in schools, rehab centers, hospitals, corporate settings, government agencies, and private practices. As the baby boomer generation gets older, it is believed that the needs of the Speech and Language industry will greatly increase as their healthcare needs become more expansive, possibly up to 20% increase in employment opportunities over the next ten years. Speech & Language Specialist can expect to earn a median salary of $75,000 annually, with significant growth into 6 figure salaries as experience, credentials, and education are accrued.

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Our Speech & Language Specialist: Level 1 course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for beginning your journey on the road to a rewarding career in healthcare that impacts a highly important and essential component of the lives of your clients: their ability to communicate.

Students of this course will learn to:

interact with, instruct, and provide rehabilitation services to a diverse client base of various ages, cultures, socio economic groups, and disorders
discern the differences among many speech, language, cognitive, and other communication disorders and how they affect the everyday lives of people
identify the language acquisition patterns, expectations, and delays in infancy, early childhood, and school age children
provide tools and techniques to individuals with communication disorders to maintain a high quality of life
understand how the neural structures of the brain and the oro facial muscles of the face of human beings interact to initiate speech and swallowing functions
evaluate and analyze speech, language, cognitive, and social patterns as a means to diagnose and treat individuals in need of speech and language therapy
Sign up for our Speech & Language Specialist: Level 1 course today to begin the endeavor to making a meaningful difference to the lives of those afflicted with disorders in communication.

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Communication Training
Communication Training

Programa académico

Module 1: Overview of the Speech and Language Profession
Job description
Education and training
Work environments
Responsibilities of the speech and specialist
Clients in need of speech and language services
Moral and ethical guidelines

Module 2: Literacy Development
Speech therapy and literacy
Foundations in pre literacy in infants and toddlers
Early childhood language acquisition
Continued oral and written language development
Multiculturalism and bilingualism

Module 3: Speech and Language Science
What is speech science?
Anatomy and physiology of the face

Module 4: Properties of speech
Other properties of speech and language

Module 5: Speech and language disorders
Characteristics of speech and language disorders
Causes of communication disorders
Common speech and language disorders

Module 6: Other communication disorders
Attention disorders
Memory disorders
Cognitive disorders
Swallowing disorders