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    5 Days
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Systems Administration

Programa académico

The Knowledge Academy 2009 Advanced System Administration 5 day course covers the following topics:


This course will help increase plant availability and effectiveness by introducing individuals to the tools and techniques used by a system administrator responsible for a Windows based systems.

This course uses system tools to view system functionality. 

This course also looks at the Object Manager connections, IPC connections, Tools that allow the viewing of I/A interactions between Operator Stations, CP’s, Historians, 3rd Party data collection packages.

View Control Processor usage and be able to determine better control sizing.

Tools to view displays and how to change displays connections.

Lessons will concentrate on writing scripts in the Mortis Korn Shell scripting capabilities on the Windows System.

This course will look at FoxApi, AIMAPI functions available in these products. (Course code 2009)


  • Invensys Learning course 2000v8, 2001v8, or 5000 and 5001
  • Invensys Learning course 2101, Continuous Control
  • Invensys Learning course 2007, I/A Windows Administration

Who Should Attend

  • Recommended for Process Engineers responsible for configuration and administration of a Microsoft Windows based I/A Series system

Course Content

  • List Mortis Korn Shell (MKS) commands
  • Use scripts  in MKS
  • Schedule MKS scripts and other MKS utilities
  • Use tools to view and report Object Manager Connections
  • Use tools to view and report IPC Connections
  • Set up and understand the use of Object Manager Multicast Optimization (OMMO)
  • Use tools to view Control Processor usage and files
  • Describe the usage of Compound Summary Access
  • Describe features use in Device Monitor
  • Describe and use features and tools of FoxDraw
  • Troubleshoot Problems with third party utilities
  • List and review FoxAPI and AIMAPI utilities

Información adicional

  • Recommended for Process Engineers responsible for configuration and administration 
  • Develop techniques used by a system administrator responsible for a Windows based systems 
  • Individuals will be able to use tools to view and report IPC Connections
  • Learn how to troubleshoot problems with third party utilities
  • Earning potential with Software Testing qualification £40k and £70k
  • Courses delivered by world class training instructors in luxury venues 
  • 2009 Advanced System Administration includes material and manuals
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