A Vet in the Making

Holly and Hugo
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  • Curso
  • Online
  • 90 horas de estudio
  • Duración:
    45 Days
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Veterinary health can be the perfect career choice for pet lovers, but it takes more than a love of animals to be successful. Becoming a vet takes years of study and training, and we’ll start you down the right path with this intro to veterinary practice. We’ll cover a broad range of topics on animal handling and health, and provide you with information on the professional responsibilities and obligations of a practice. Our goal is to equip you with the core skills and information you need to begin a career in veterinary medicine.

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In this course, we'll cover different topics related to:

Handling and Understanding Animals
Animal Care
Core Skills
Client Interaction
Working in a Practice

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Animal Care
Client Management
Veterinary science

Programa académico

Course Modules:

  1. Training puppies
  2. Training of adult dogs
  3. Cat Training
  4. Bird Training
  5. Fundamentals of dog walking and pet sitting
  6. Out and about –professional dog walking
  7. Disease, health and hygiene
  8. Being professional with clients
  9. Handling and getting around with your pets
  10. Specific information on dogs and cats
  11. First Aid
  12. Specific information on rabbits & guinea pigs
  13. Specific information on hamsters, gerbils, mice & exotic rats
  14. Specific information on birds
  15. Specific information on fish
  16. Specific information on reptiles
  17. How pet sitting can get you up and running in business
  18. Domestication - how pets came in from the cold
  19. Normal dog behaviour - when your pet is being true to his nature
  20. If dogs could talk
  21. Calm the pack – fear, aggression and anxiety
  22. How well do you know me? The colourful world of dogs’ antics explained
  23. Lose your mind to understand your dog’s
  24. What is normal behaviour for a cat?
  25. A cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at
  26. When you’ve had it with your cat – psychiatric challenges
  27. Cat on a griddle
  28. Understanding rabbits