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Tipología Capacitación laboral
Lugar Benito juárez
Horas lectivas 7h
Duración Flexible
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  • Capacitación laboral
  • Benito juárez
  • 7h
  • Duración:
  • Inicio:
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You may want to make information available on the Internet. To achieve this, you need to create a website. In this course, you will design, build, and upload a website using Dreamweaver.

Course Objective:
You will design, build, and upload a website.

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Benito Juárez
Rochester No.51. Col. Napoles, Del. Benito Juarez, 03810, Ciudad de México (Distrito Federal), México
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Inicio Fechas a escoger
Benito Juárez
Rochester No.51. Col. Napoles, Del. Benito Juarez, 03810, Ciudad de México (Distrito Federal), México
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Preguntas Frecuentes

· ¿A quién va dirigido?

Target Student: This course is intended for novice web designers, web developers, and web graphic artists, and also for media marketing personnel who need to build simple websites and want to utilize the features of Adobe Dreamweaver.

· Requisitos

To ensure your success in this course, it is recommended that you first take the following Element K course (or have equivalent knowledge): Web Design with XHTML, HTML, and CSS : Level 1.

¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

And upload a website
Determine the resolution and graphic type
Work with multiple layers
Enhance images with paint and filters
• identify the characteristics of various image modes and color adjustment options
Adobe Photoshop
Diseño gráfico
Diseño web
Diseño digital
Diseño editorial
Herramientas de diseño
Fotografía digital

Programa académico

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Dreamweaver

  • Topic 1A: Examine the Basic Concepts of Web Designing
  • Topic 1B: Explore the Dreamweaver Interface
  • Topic 1C: Customize the Interface

Lesson 2: Building a Website

  • Topic 2A: Define a Website
  • Topic 2B: Create a Document

Lesson 3: Working with Web Pages

  • Topic 3A: An Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
  • Topic 3B: Format a Web Page
  • Topic 3C: Insert Images
  • Topic 3D: Insert Tables
  • Topic 3E: Import Data from Other Applications
  • Topic 3F: Organize Files and Folders

Lesson 4: Working with Reusable Site Assets

  • Topic 4A: Create and Use Library Items
  • Topic 4B: Update Library Items
  • Topic 4C: Use Snippets
  • Topic 4D: Create a Template

Lesson 5: Working with Links

  • Topic 5A: Create Hyperlinks
  • Topic 5B: Create Anchors
  • Topic 5C: Create Email Links
  • Topic 5D: Create Image Maps
  • Topic 5E: Create Image Link Rollovers

Lesson 6: Uploading a Website

  • Topic 6A: Ensure Accessibility
  • Topic 6B: Upload Files onto a Site

Appendix A: Using Frames

Supplemental Lesson: Working with Frames

  • Topic 1A: Create Framesets
  • Topic 1B: Create a Navigation Bar

Appendix B: Using Dreamweaver Extensions

Appendix C: New Features in Adobe Dreamweaver

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