Master Of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design - SUPSI

CAS3 - Designing Advanced Environments & Services

Master Of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design - SUPSI
En Trevano (Suiza)
  • Master Of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design - SUPSI

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Tipología Taller intensivo
Nivel Advanced
Lugar Trevano (Suiza)
Duración 1 Quarter
Inicio 30/01/2019
  • Taller intensivo
  • Advanced
  • Trevano (Suiza)
  • Duración:
    1 Quarter
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Do you want to start your digital business? The course in Designing Advanced Environments & Services, will give you the basic knowledge required to set up a business plan and sustain a pitch to investors in the event that they want to launch a startup. The module features the skills for developing a digital-based project with a successful business plan. During this course the participants will follow a project from the idea to the creation of an interface prototype. Moreover this course addresses the notion of interactivity as an immersive, environmental experience. An other topic of the course is the role that the Web Platform is playing in the digital world, providing a device-agnostic set of tools that allow the development of interactive software for a variety of digital endpoints.
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This course is aimed both for aspiring businessman and designers who are interested in the business field.

Requisitos: The master is held in English. Therefore a good knowledge of the language is necessary.

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30 ene 2019
Via Trevano, 6952, Tessin, Suiza
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Inicio 30 ene 2019
Via Trevano, 6952, Tessin, Suiza
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Web Design
Interaction DESIGN
User Experience Design
physical computing
Human Centred Design
Prototyping Micro Interactions
Concept Developent

Programa académico

3.1 Designing Advanced Environments
This course addresses the notion of interactivity as an immersive, environmental experience. Actions of cause and effect between subjects and objects extend to encompass setting, be it natural, urban, or architectural. Discussion on current practices, emerging technologies and social relevance work to inform students in the production of fully elaborated interactive concepts. This project-oriented course is framed by an agenda put forward by industry partner with emphasis on originality, thoroughness and demonstrability of work.

3.2 Designing Advanced Services
“Designing Connected Product Experiences” Bots, conversational interfaces, and smart devices are the next disruptors in the next Service experience. How will human computer interaction and natural language processing affect how we communicate and interact with the brands we know and love? How to design consistent physical and digital product experiences ensuring that the information provided to the user is always relevant, meaningful and actionable? In this course we will learn how to design a service experience using AI & Machine learning across multiple form factors: from gathering insights directly from our target users, to identifying opportunity areas that satisfy unmet needs to generating ideas that lead us to a concept that will be developed and prototyped. 

3.3 Web Platform for Interaction Designers - Prototyping Micro Interactions
The Web Platform is playing a fundamental role in the digital world, providing a deviceagnostic set of tools that allow the development of interactive software for a variety of digital endpoints. After two decades of evolution alongside the Web’s progress, today designers and developers can work with a mature platform that is fluid by design and supports unprecedented and novel ways to craft interactive user interfaces. The workshop will focus on the main Web Platform technologies as well as some extraordinary available open source frameworks, in order to provide a basis for the building of interactive digital prototypes.

3.4 From Project Ideas to Market
Entrepreneurship is a fundamental process that promotes innovation, growth at the corporate level as well as at the level of entire economic and social systems. It is also a process that leads to self accomplishment. There are many ways to support and promote this process. One of these is to discover potential business ideas and hence interesting business opportunities looking at market, social, technological, institutional and economic trends and needs. This is also a way to support another fundamental process which is the knowledge and technology transfer from Science to Business. Graduates and master students are key agents in this process. Some recent developments in the business entrepreneurship field are particularly linked to the general framework of the MAS in Interaction Design teachings. We particularly refer to the entrepreneur considered in a broader view as a sense-maker, as a language-maker, as a culture-maker and as a history-maker. That is why we do believe that there are good chances to find interesting entrepreneurial seeds in the MAIND students’ projects, ideas or even dreams that deserve to be nurtured, supported and promoted throughout the module. The best Business Ideas will have the chance to be pitched at the Business Ideas events promoted by the federal Program CTI Entrepreneurship.