Centros y escuelas de español en Chiapas

Instituto de Lenguas Jovel

It is a Language Centre mainly focussed on teaching Spanish as a second language, we usually receive students from all over the world, and group of university students. We usually offer homestay and volunteering as a part of a package for students interested in experiencing the culture. Extracurricular... Ver más

  • 6 cursos
  • En Chiapas
  • Cursos por $ 1,000

SanCris spanish Language School

The SanCris Language School offers Spanish classes in San Cristóbal De Las Casas for students of all levels of Spanish proficiency, from absolute beginner to highly advanced. Depending on the level of language proficiency, appropriate grammar structures will be introduced and practiced in conversation... Ver más

  • 2 cursos
  • En Chiapas
  • 1 curso
  • En Chiapas
  • Cursos por $ 1,940