3D Animation for Television and Cinema

LaSalle College
En Montréal (Canadá)

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Are you interested in studying animation? If the idea of learning to work with storyboards and special effects sounds exciting to you, check out the 3D Animation for Television and Cinema program from Inter-Dec College.

Inter-Dec offers students the chance to learn how to create futuristic characters and landscapes in a hands-on, friendly learning environment. This one year program packs in as much as it can in order to give students the skills they need to bring their characters to life. Some of the topics which will be covered include how to manage your creative ideas, from creation to execution. There will be an emphasis on mastering special effects, so that you can make your ideas as vivid and realistic as you would like.

This program is specifically designed with the artistically-driven student in mind. Inter-Dec students are bright, motivated and possess great communication skills. So if you are passionate about animation and new media, get work on sharpening your skills with this exciting program in 3D animation.


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1400, Rue du Fort (Bureau 9000), 9000, Quebec, Canadá
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Inicio Fechas a escoger
1400, Rue du Fort (Bureau 9000), 9000, Quebec, Canadá
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Functional Storyboards
Computer Animation
3D Special Effects
Understanding the Animation Industry
Efectos especiales
Animación 3D
Animación para cine

Programa académico


• Learning about 3D animation;

• Creating functional storyboards and storylines;

• Mastering computer animation;

• Mastering special effects;

• Understanding the animation industry;

• Analyzing the various aspects of the animation industry

• Organizing and managing creative ideas;

• Learning about the creative process;

• Bringing your characters to life.

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