Inglés: Basic I

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Tipología Curso
Nivel Nivel iniciación
Lugar México
Horas lectivas 48h
  • Curso
  • Nivel iniciación
  • México
  • 48h

Objetivo del curso: Te introduce en el idioma inglés. Destinatarios del curso: Principiantes con poco conocimiento del idioma inglés.

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Ciudad de Mexico, Ciudad de México (Distrito Federal), México
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Ciudad de Mexico, Ciudad de México (Distrito Federal), México
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Programa académico

This level is for beginners and false beginners with little or no knowledge of the English language. They need to work on all the language skills.

Grammar Objetives

To enable students to:

  • Word order-subject + verb + object + compliment
  • Use basic regular \ irregular verbs
  • Simple present \ past of verbs
  • Future with going to and will
  • Question forms in present and past -do,does ,did and verb to be
  • Use "what, who, why, where, how, when.."
  • There is \ are was \ were
  • Use pronouns - subject, object, posessive
  • Count and non count nouns and quantifiers
  • Present and past continuous
  • Present and present continuous - the differences have got...
  • Simple prepositions - time, position ....
  • This, that, these , thoses
  • Can

Oral Objetives

Beside being able to use the above structures students should be proficient
in the following.

  • Say hello.
  • Introduce themselves.
  • Describe routine ,work etc...
  • Talk about their past.
  • Give / ask for information.
  • Describe people and objects.
  • Use in both sentence and question form: simple present/simple past, future with going to and will.
  • Talk about likes and dislikes.


The first half of one of the following textbooks with audio and video cassettes:

  • Headway Elementary - Oxford University Press
  • Business Ventures - Oxford University Press
  • Workout Elementary - Nelson
  • and as a reference book:
    Basic Grammar in Use - Cambridge University Press.

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