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Programación en C

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C is a general-purpose programming leanguage. It has been closely associated with UNIX system where it was developed. The language, however, is not tied to any one operating system or machine; and although it has been called a "system programming language" because it is useful for writing compilers in many different domains.

C provides the fundamental control-flow constructions required for well-structures programs: Statement groping, decision making (if-else), selecting one of a set of possible cases (switch), looping with the termination test at the top (while, for) or at the bottom (do) and early loop exit (break).

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Insurgentes Sur 550 Piso 5, 06760, Ciudad de México (Distrito Federal), México
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Inicio Fechas a escoger
Insurgentes Sur 550 Piso 5, 06760, Ciudad de México (Distrito Federal), México
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Programacion en C

Programa académico


Getting started|Variables and arithmetic expressions|The for Statement|Symbolic Constants|Character Input and Output|Arrays| Functions| Arguments - Call by Value| Character Arrays | External Variables and Scope

Types, Operators and Expressions

Variable Names, Data types and sizes | Constants | Declarations | Arithmetic Operators | Relation and logical operatos | Type conversions | Increment and decrement operators| Bitwise Operators | Assigment Operators and Expressions| Conditional Expressions | Precedence and order of evaluation

Control Flow

Statements and blocks|If-Else|Else-if|Swithc|Loops- While and for | Loops- Do-while| Break and Continue | Goto and Labels

Functions and program structure

Basics of functions| Functions returing Non-integers|External Variables|Scope Rules|Header files|Static variables |Register varibales | Block Structure | Initialization | Recursion | The C Preprocessor

Pointers and arrays

Pointers and addresses|Pointers and function arguments|Pointers and arrays | Address arithmetic | Character pointers and functions | Pointer Arrays; Pointes to pointers | Multi-dimensional arrays | Initializacion of Pointer Arrays | Pointers vs Multi-dimensional arrays | Command-line Arguments| Pointers to functions|Complicates declarations


Basics of Structures|Structures and functions|Arrays of Structures|Pointers to Structures| Self-referential Structures | Table Lookup | Typedef | Unions | Bit-fields

Input and Output

Standar Input and Output | Formatted Output-Printf | Variable-length argument list | Formatted Input- Scanf | File Access | Error handling-Stderr and exit | Line Input and Output | Miscellaneous Functions

The UNIX System Interface

File Descriptors|Low Level I/O- Read and write|Open, creat, close, unlink| Random access-Lseek | Example - An Implementation of fopen and getc| Example - Listing directories | Example A storage allocator

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