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Alex Coghe
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The International photographer Alex Coghe is giving workshops via Skype. Currently there are 3 workshops: Street Photography, Urban Landscape and Photojournalism.
The Street Photography workshop can be of two types: basic (4 lessons) and advanced (6 lessons). The workshops are always personalized for students. Alex Coghe guarantees an international showcase through its official blog.


Alex Coghe
Alex Coghe
Photo trainer

Programa académico

What is Street Photography? History and origins of street photography and the aesthetics of the genre.
As can be vague, however, we must distinguish the kind of reportage photography because the photographer's approach and the aesthetics of street photography is different.

Cameras used
A part of the course will be devoted to the cameras used in street photography.
Description and investigation on the basis of the results we achieve.

Technique and approach to street photography

This is important to know some general rules of conduct and operational techniques that allow the photographer to make a good street photography.

Street Photography and the law

Should be aware of the prohibition laws to photograph, especially not to suffer the abuse of power by any person against his right to freedom of expression.

Marketing strategies

Today, a photographer can not ignore the effective promotion of himself. Social networks allow everyone to increase their visibility. As long as you know use them.

Now it’s up to you!

Image viewing of students. Ideas for a practical workflow through efficient editing programs.

My street photography workshops can start in every moment, also with one student.