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Do you want to know everything about perfecting smiles for a bright future? Emagister offers you the possibility of enrolling in the training of "Dental Assistant", so you can contribute to make a very real difference to the oral health of people.

Caring for our oral health is absolutely important and is a fundamental part of everyone's daily hygiene regime. Dentists at the forefront of dental work always need reliable dental assistants to assist in this important work.

Think of it as more than a job or a way to earn an income. See it as helping to make a positive difference in people's health.
Dental operators are like the "extra hands" of the dentist. They allow the dentist / dental operator to provide more efficient dental treatment by sterilizing and handling their instruments, exposing dental x-rays, passing instruments during the procedure, taking impressions and making temporary crowns. Dental operators can concentrate more time on the procedure. Dentists rely heavily on the important assistance provided by dental assistants.

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to train yourself in the area of ​​dental care. If you want to learn more about this program contact Emagister! Our advisors will contact you.



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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Dental Hygiene
Dental Assistant
Dental Health
Oral health
Dental Procedures
Health and Safety Administration
Dental Profession
Dental Charting
Clinical dental

Programa académico

  1. Introduction to the Dental Profession
  2. Prevention and Nutrition
  3. Oral Health and Preventative Techniques
  4. Occupations Health and Safety Administration
  5. Preparation for Patient Care
  6. Dental Charting
  7. Pharmacology
  8. Emergency Management
  9. Clinical Dental Procedures
  10. Instrument Transfer and Maintaining the Operating Field
  11. Basic Chair side Instruments and Tray Systems
  12. Anaesthetic and Sedation
  13. Dental Radiography and Equipment
  14. Produce and Evaluate Dental Radiographs
  15. Restorative and Laboratory Materials and Techniques
  16. Restorative Materials and Dental Dam
  17. Laboratory Materials and Techniques
  18. Dental Practice and Office Management
  19. Employment Skills