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Diploma in Graphic Design - CPD Certified & IAO Accredited

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It has been found that visual communication is vastly more effective than other forms of communication. It is a very stimulating form of communication especially when paired with vivid colors. Graphic designers have a similar job, where they convey many different subtle messages using their creativity and artistic talents. This [course_title] course will help you learn basic techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Illustration and In-design in order to build up your confidence and help you start the journey to become a professional.
This course will initially give you a background understanding in what graphic design really is, following which you will learn about the principles and elements of design –which are considered the building blocks of graphic designing. You will also discover the different terms, tips and tolls used to pick the best colours.
After this is where the whole course starts getting interesting as you start learning to use Photoshop, understand Typography, design logos using illustrator and finally discover more about web designing and printing. This diploma level course is the full package and is ideal for anyone pursuing a career in graphics design.

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LESSON 1: Basics of Graphic Design

This lesson starts off with the complete basics of Graphics design; how it is all about visually communicating a thought, idea or a message through symbols, words or images. We also introduce you to the 3 essential software’s required in Graphic Design and that is Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe Photoshop.

LESSON 2: Foundation in Design

This lesson will help you to build a strong foundation in understanding designs and will give you the ability to use colour, shape, lines, spaces, mass and texture to deliver you message through designs. It will also help to bring order and structure in your designs.

LESSON 3: Adobe Photoshop Basics

Adobe Photoshop was first introduced to the world in the early nineties. It was very well received by the designers and the creative community. Designers for the first time were able to do professional editing at very low costs and the without the need of buying any additional equipment. It was embraced by the industry very quickly and within a short period of time, became the industry standard. The features and the applications of this software is very wide ranging but our focus in this lessons will solely be the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

LESSON 4: Designers go to software

When it comes to Design Manipulation, Adobe Photoshop is the go to software for every designers. This lessons will walk you through some of the advanced tools in photoshop in order to bring the creative ideas to life. It will also show you some of the shortcuts that will speed up your ability to create and edit designs.

LESSON 5: Adobe Illustrator Introduction and Typography

Typography plays an important role in creating an interest for a brand’s product and it’s the message. This lesson will guide the students to get a firm understanding of the basics of typography and how it plays a vital role in the graphic design world.

LESSON 6: Creating Logos with Illustrator

This lesson will guide us through the best practices of designing a logo from scratch with the help of Adobe Illustrator. It also outlines the importance of incorporating a client’s brand message within the logo and some of common challenges the designers face when creating the logo.

LESSON 7: Web Page Design Basics

Designing a web page is a different scenario from the application of designs that we have covered so far in the previous lessons. In this lesson, students will understand how users in the website interact and how it is a necessary skill to grasp in order to do good web designs. It will also guide you through creating professional layouts and designs for the website

LESSON 8: Adobe In Design and Print Work Introduction

A good understanding of how to properly setup the files for printing is as important as creating the great designs. This lesson will guide through the topic of print work where students will be shown how to use Adobe InDesign in order to create and setup a document for printing.

To evaluate a student’s capability to grasp and potential to understand the topics provided in our course, we have a couple of interactive quizzes at the end of each module.