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      Spanish Espagnol
      American Team

      Spanish in Mexico City and Querétaro City

      American Team
      En Querétaro
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      Tipología Diplomados
      Nivel Nivel iniciación
      Lugar Querétaro
      Horas lectivas 2h
      Duración 8 Meses
      Inicio Fechas a escoger
      • Diplomados
      • Nivel iniciación
      • Querétaro
      • 2h
      • Duración:
        8 Meses
      • Inicio:
        Fechas a escoger

      It's a very insteresting course to learn Spanish from central México, the best spoken in the entire community.

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      Precio a usuarios Emagister: 20 horas por mes! o 180 MX por hora

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      Inicio Ubicación
      Fechas a escoger
      Mirador de Querétaro No. 2 Int. 14, 76240, Querétaro, México
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      Inicio Fechas a escoger
      Mirador de Querétaro No. 2 Int. 14, 76240, Querétaro, México
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      A tener en cuenta

      · ¿Cuáles son los objetivos de este curso?

      You will be able to understand the spoken language as well as to speak fluent spanish with good pronunciation and high quality grammar base.

      · ¿A quién va dirigido?

      To all foreigners whose mother tongue is not Spanish.

      · Requisitos

      Willingness and love for language, culture and fun!

      · Titulación

      American Team Diploma

      · ¿Qué diferencia a este curso de los demás?

      We have eleven branches, eight in great México City and three in colonial Querétaro city. In all the branches there are teachers who speak english, french, portuguese, italian and german and would be willing to warmly welcome you!

      · ¿Qué pasa después de pedir información?

      You send us your availability and dates your would start taking classes.We have 8 schools in Mexico City and 4 in colonial Queretaro City.

      · How long does it take to be able to speak Spanish?

      The more hours you take a week the faster you'll learn. Usually our students take two hours a day o every other day. In about one month you'll learn a great deal of useful phrases, vocabulary and basic grammar stuff.

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      Spanish in México
      Cours d'espagnol
      Spanisch Unterrichte
      Corso di Espagnolo
      Aulas de Espanhol
      Espanhol em Mexico
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      Spanisch in Mexiko


      Lupita Botello
      Lupita Botello

      Programa académico

      Introduction to Spanish. The alfaber, Tips for pronunciation. Basic greetings. Basic verb conjugations. Vocabulary of food, clothes, transport, the city, jobs and occupations, public places, celebrations, spanish in América.
      The articles, pluran and singular forms in spanish. Masculin and Feminin in spanish. Question words, phrases and real question forms.
      More forms of grammar tenses such as Present Perfect, Past Perfect and Past continuos. onjunctions and conecctors. Describing places, people, jobs, activities. Polite and impolite forms of asking and offering something.