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Facilitation Body Language Training

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Body language is key to our communication, often revealing much more than what we say and how we say it. Those who are in tune to this type of communication are able to get the most out of meetings and conversations. They can read and adapt to the body language of others, influence and engage teams using their own body language, and ultimately facilitate more effective meetings.

Through this short, interactive eLearning course, you will learn the many ways in which body language can help to create a productive meeting. The course also covers topics such as how to create a comfortable and constructive meeting environment and how to identify group dynamics. With your new knowledge and understanding of body language, you can enter the boardroom with a higher level of communication.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

Understanding the role of body language in communication will empower you in both your personal and professional life. You will benefit from deeper levels of communication, become more influential, and be able to facilitate effective and engaging meetings.

Increasing productivity levels for the meetings they facilitate and the teams they lead, employees acute to the importance of body language are of great benefit to their organisation.

Following course completion, you will:

Understand the impact of body language
Know how to create an effective meeting environment
Have an increased level of communication
Influence others through your own body language
Be able to read thoughts and feelings from basic gestures

¿Esta formación es para mí?

Although this course has been designed with facilitators and leaders in mind, it is suitable for professionals of all levels.

This course will benefit those interested in:

Increasing their communication skills.
Improving their ability to relate to and understand others.
Progressing their career.

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Louis P
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Curso realizado: Septiembre 2018
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Katrina L
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Curso realizado: Septiembre 2018
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Body Language
Communication Training
Own body language
Levels of communication
Key gestures

Programa académico

The course provides a solid foundation to reading body language in professional settings. You will learn the important role body language plays in communication and how you can use it to facilitate engaging meetings.

Facilitation Body Language training teaches you:

  • The impact of body language
  • Personal space and appropriate distance
  • Identifying team hierarchies and dynamics
  • How to create an effective meeting environment
  • Key gestures of body language
  • How to use body language to your benefit