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Fashion styling - spring semester

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Spa
En Firenze (Italia)
  • IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Spa

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Tipología Curso
Lugar Firenze (Italia)
Duración 15 Weeks
Inicio Febrero 2019
  • Curso
  • Firenze (Italia)
  • Duración:
    15 Weeks
  • Inicio:
    Febrero 2019

Emagister adds to its catalog the Fashion styling - spring semester Course offered by IED. The course provides students with the skills and tools to interpret trends and values in the fashion manufacturing supply chain.

The program focuses on developing strategies of fashion styling and fashion communication in order to transfer the intangible values of the artifact to the contemporary global market. The Fashion Stylist must be able to critically analyze and develop the key content to be communicated, that includes the selection of appropriate media and creation of both print and digital promotional campaigns.

Central to this didactic philosophy of involving professionals and industry, the IED Firenze Fashion Communication program has partnered with LUISAVIAROMA of Florence, is a premier e-Commerce luxury clothing retailer of the world’s most important designers.
Professional profile - The Fashion Stylist plays an important role in fashion publications for both print and digital formats as well as in industry-related marketing and press offices. This profession includes such positions as Visual Merchandiser, Trend Forecaster, Fashion Event Planner, Fashion Blogger and Social Media Manager in the fashion and fashion-related industries.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

The primary objective of the Fashion Stylist course is to teach students to develop a creative interpretation of fashion trends in line with the current “lifestyle”.

Students will learn how to understand product values and manufacturing excellence, select and define the key products values and fashion content, develop communication skills and develop the ability to present a fashion styling project and contemporary visual merchandising strategy.

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Schedule - Lessons run from Monday to Friday, full-time.Target - This course is for students and young professionals with qualifications from upper secondary school interested in a multifaceted career in the fashion industry.

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Firenze, Italia
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Inicio Feb-2019
Firenze, Italia
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Fashion Styling
Communication Training
Fashion Stylist

Programa académico

Course Programme:

  • Teachings
    • Modern Fashion History
    • Video Language
    • Digital Events
    • Fashion Stylist
    • Digital Communication
    • Fashion Writing
    • Visual Merchandising
    • Modern Fashion History

      This course investigates developments in the history of contemporary fashion, so as to identify trends in the fashion system and how it communicates. The evolution in trends and styles is tackled from an historical, cultural, social and economic standpoint, providing students with the tools they need to understand fashion’s contemporary relevance, highlight its mechanisms and identify its key personalities and salient phenomena.


    • Video Language

      In addition to learning how to use video design programs and the most important techniques of video shooting and editing, this course analyses the aesthetic codes, the many different languages of the video medium and the influence exerted on perception and use of the fashion system. Students acquire the ability to exercise critique about the phenomena related to video production, translating the codes of their contents and understanding the techniques used to make them.

    • Digital Events

      This course analyses the role of new media in fashion events and fashion system main appointments. Students acquire the ability to exercise critique about the phenomena related to digital communication, interactive and digital event planning, translating the codes of graphics and video language in contemporary cycles of fashion.

    • Fashion Stylist

      In this course, students learn to understand and apply the entire process of fashion styling, from the preliminary research to the finished product. Experimenting with interacting with other artistic disciplines and developing their own creativity, they learn to work autonomously. The porpose of this course is to develop student's ability to make an original, creative interpretation of elements in contemporary lifestyles, so as to propose a contemporary view of them in a fashion styling and visual merchandising project.

    • Digital Communication

      The purpose of the methods and processes available for visual design is to communicate and present complete projects. By providing students with a series of technical and methodological skills, the course teaches them to use the principle graphic design programs to create a customised book, a portfolio and multimedia graphic projects.

    • Fashion Writing

      Starting out from an analysis of the trade press and by responding to specific questions, students are now expected to create a narrative, both written and visual, that takes styles and brand identities into due account.) Case studies highlight the importance of choosing the correct expressive language, semiotic codes, principles of marketing and mechanisms for using communications – from hard copy to the web and new digital tools.

    • Visual Merchandising

      The purpose of this course is to train students’ ability to act independently and to apply the right methodology for devising, developing and producing a visual merchandising project. Students will learn to develop their technical skills and practical application capabilities to manage a creative project effectively, from the choice of location and the organization of the design set. Partecipants will acquire the ability to observe and analyze the real world and contemporary trends in visual merchandising in significant fashion stores.  The aim of this course is to develop student's ability to make an original, creative interpretation of elements in contemporary lifestyles, so as to propose a contemporary view of them in a fashion styling and visual merchandising project.

Información adicional

The course covers the history of fashion in order to both identify trends and understand the communication processes. The program presents a specific focus on artisanship, especially related to the “Made in Italy” supply chain and approach to design. The evolution of trends and styles are presented through an historical, cultural, social and economic relevance in order to provide the foundation to develop the necessary skill set to understand and analyze the contemporary fashion system.
During the course students will learn how to use video making software as well as photography and video editing techniques. In addition, students will learn how to analyze the different “video languages” and the influence and role of new media in the fashion system. The course will provide students with critical analytical skills about contemporary trends related to video production, understanding the key contents and design techniques. Moreover, the program will provide technical and methodological skills in visual design, in particular how to use graphic design softwares to create a customise publication and multimedia projects.

Based on an analysis of the trade press, students will learn how to create a written and visual narrative and communication project, taking into consideration the appropriate styles and brand identity.
As part of the project in the classroom, students have the opportunity to visit showrooms and interact directly with industry professionals.