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he ICI Foreign Languages ​​program offered through Emagister is developed in collaboration with industry leaders who help you learn the skills you need to be successful in marketing quickly and conveniently.

The courses we offered took 40 years to develop and are now used by the FBI, the CIA, diplomats, students and business professionals around the world. They are highly effective quality, you have nothing to lose!

It does not matter if you intend to travel for business or holidays, learning a new language will open up new opportunities and give you a better chance to absorb the local culture. If you are wondering which language will be most useful to learn, you can base your decision on which languages ​​are the most spoken.
The Institute offers you the opportunity to learn one of the 13 languages ​​from the comfort of your home or office. Contact us through the Emagister website to get more information.

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English Conversation
Negotiation Skills
International Trade
Creative Writing
Critical Theory
Cognitive Linguistics
Speech Communication
Speech and Hearing
Communication Skills
Literature Analysis
Literature Comparative
Critical Thinking
Language teaching

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• Fast track your way into learning a new language 
• Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are 
• Have access to a tutor who works in the industry you are training for 
• Easy interest free payment plans

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In the age of globalisation, international business travel is more common and holidays abroad are more affordable than ever. As a result, learning a foreign language is gaining popularity. ICI language courses are ideal for those wanting to learn a new language to advance their career prospects or just for fun when travelling, experiencing new cultures or making new friends. With regular practice, you will be able to communicate with confidence with a new language in just a few months!