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Unconventional-Shale Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (UOEP)

Oxbridge University of Kilmurry
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After participating in our dynamic and interesting training course, you will be able to:

- UNDERSTAND the essential features to deliver an effective shale / UOEP project.
- GAIN an understanding of key performance indicators of shale / UOEP development.
- MASTER your shale / UOEP project profitability potential versus risk allocation and sharing to manage your exposure.
- UNDERSTAND how to generate an acceptable ROI (return on investment) from successful partnerships.
- ACQUIRE tips and tactics for shale / UOEP project design to ensure a successful outcome.
- EVALUATE common shale / UOEP problems to know what to do if things go wrong.
- LEARN how to become a successful shale / UOEP project team member.

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Lo mejor It was another experience working with you. With no reservation you outperformed the desires. Much thanks to you. With respect to additional brought about, that will be dealt with. Despite everything I have Dirhams on the off chance that you need or we pay the pounds equal.

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Curso realizado: Abril 2016 | ¿Recomendarías este centro?
Lo mejor Everything is incredible.

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Lo mejor Course benefits: 1. Satisfied with new thoughts how improvement of the assembling procedure can be taken care of 2. Numerous depictions how IT equipment and programming can influence the pace of the advancement and furthermore new phase of thoughts for managing new process imaging (visualisation)

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Curso realizado: Agosto 2016 | ¿Recomendarías este centro?

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Oil and Gas
Energy Management
Industrial Processes
Oil and gas exploration
Energy research
Energy research
Energy research

Programa académico

This advanced, exciting and interesting course will cover topical subjects and issues as follows, among others:

  • Oil shale / UOEP is a fine grained rock which contains significant amounts of Kerogen (a mixture of organic chemical compounds in sedimentary rocks). Oil shale/UOEP is a synthetic gas mixture (syngas) produced by oil shale / UOEP pyrolysis (thermochemical decomposition of organic material).
  • Although often referred to as shale / UOEP, it differs from the natural gas produced from shale / UOEP, which is also known as shale / UOEP.
  • Oil shale / UOEP requires more intensive extraction and processing than
  • conventional crude oil, and it is dirtier and heavier to produce and refine
  • compared to light-sweet crude oil.
  • Most exploitation of oil shale / UOEP involves mining or directional drilling, followed by shipping elsewhere, after which one can burn it directly to generate electricity, or undertake further processing and refining into hydrocarbon products.
  • The world has produced about 1 trillion barrels of crude oil to date. Over the next century or so, approximately 2 trillion barrels more are expected to be produced from conventional proved reserves and undiscovered conventional oil.

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